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Lifting concrete installation

Problem Signs

If you’ve noticed a cracked sidewalk or sinking driveways or pool decks slabs, learn more about what concrete lifting can do for you.

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Don’t let uneven, sinking sidewalk and driveway slabs in Minneapolis, MN, and Rush City, MD steal value from your home. Not only does it look unsightly – but cracked slabs are dangerous for both individuals at risk of tripping and your vehicle. Before the problem gets worse, keep an eye out for these red flags below. Repairing issues before they get worse saves you money on larger repairs in the future.   

  • Sunken Concrete  

The silty loam soil and weather in Rochester, Minnesota, creates the perfect storm for sunken concrete. Although it may seem ordinary for driveway and sidewalk slabs to be uneven, if left untreated, these sunken slabs can cause issues for the alignment of your car and be dangerous for vulnerable to tripping like the elderly and small children.   

  • Uneven Concrete Edges  

Shifting concrete may seem less troublesome than sinking slabs, but the truth is if your Duluth, Minnesota home is having shifting slab problems, sinking is soon to follow. The Brimson soil in Duluth is sandy and dries out quickly. This sand is especially vulnerable to washing out, allowing voids under the concrete. The heavy concrete settles into these voids, be it shifting or sinking; any movement should be addressed by the professionals at Innovative Basement Authority.   

  • Soil Wash Out   

Like previously mentioned, the soil in Minnesota can be very sandy. Sand, although great for drainage, is prone to washout. Combined with the area’s rainfall and spring snowmelt, severe erosion is not uncommon. Soil washout, or erosion, is evident in both sagging concrete and in areas of your landscaping where roots are exposed, or soil has accumulated in places it should not.   

  • Concrete Slab Cracks   

Naturally, homeowners in St. Cloud, Minnesota, notice cracks in concrete slabs first before other red flags. In addition to being an obvious sign of concrete damage, cracks in concrete are also an excellent way for water to enter and cause more damage. Because of this, it’s important to repair concrete slab cracks as soon as possible.   

  • Uneven Concrete   

Concrete slabs in St. Paul, Minnesota, are often uneven, meaning one end of the slab is settling, and the other end is lifting. The numerous freeze-thaw cycles are one reason behind this problem. St. Paul’s warm, wet summers and freezing winters cause the soil under your concrete slabs to expand and contract often. All this wear and tear on the concrete results in uneven slabs and less than stellar curb appeal.   

  • Foundation Implications   

Sinking or uneven concrete slabs may be a sign your home’s water management system needs improvement. Often driveway or sidewalk slabs are first to show signs of trouble because they are lighter in weight than the foundation of your home. If you are noticing issues with the exterior slabs around your home, it’s a good idea to have the experts at Innovative Basement Authority look at the entire water management system.  Small improvements can make a big difference before foundation repair is required.

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