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Leveling concrete with poly injection.

Causes of Concrete Problems

Built to be durable and strong, concrete is a porous material that is able to be damaged by water and the soil underneath. Learn more about the causes of concrete failure.

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No homeowner wants to walk outside and see concrete cracks or unevenness anywhere around their property. What may seem to be minor aesthetic issues can result in a decrease in value for your home, or in the worst case, be an indicator that structural damage has occurred. When it comes to dealing with defaults in concrete, concrete lifting may be your best and easiest option. If you think this is the case, read below to learn more about our concrete lifting solutions.  

Why Would Concrete Need Lifting? 

Cracked Concrete

Although concrete is built to be strong and durable, it has its defaults such as being porous. This means that within the concrete, there are tiny holes that allow water to seep in and cause structural defects. Soil washout and erosion also cause problems with concrete that are impossible to avoid without the proper precautions. Here are some of the most associated problems with concrete failure.  

  • Moisture Content Changes  

Weather naturally moves through cycles of wet and dry as the seasons change. Although it’s normal for soil to be wetter and then drier and then repeat the process, it causes a slew of issues for any concrete that’s resting above it. When the soil is saturated with water, either after heavy rain or snowmelt, the soil expands in size, and when the climate is dry, the soil shrinks. 

This process of expanding and contracting leads to high amounts of pressure being exerted on the concrete above. Resulting in the concrete sinking and becoming uneven, and in worst cases, cracking or breaking off entirely.  

  • Poorly Compacted Soil 

Making sure the soil around your home is properly compacted during the initial construction is key to avoiding a lot of different issues. If the builders didn’t compact the backfill soil either around your foundation or under your concrete, you’ll have severe structural damage as time goes on and the soils shift.  

Since Bismarck, ND, is known for its clay loam soils, homeowners in this area deal with settlement and sinking due to its drainage capabilities. This soil is known to expand when wet and shrink when dry, speeding up the settlement process of the concrete. 

  • Freeze and Thaw Cycles 

Living in North Dakota and Minnesota, you’re likely no stranger to the snowy and freezing climate that winter brings. Unfortunately, these repeated freezes and thaws cause serious issues for concrete surfaces, whether it be your driveway, sidewalks, or concrete steps. Usually, your driveway is at most risk because of its constant exposure to the elements. For the most part, one excessively cold and snowy winter is all it takes to cause damage that grows over time.  

When it comes to managing the effects of the freeze/thaw cycles, it can be difficult because of the chemicals in the products used to contain it. These chemicals can cause various cosmetic issues such as bubbling and pitting in the concrete which can also cause cracks. 

How Can I Lift Concrete? 

Thankfully, if you’re experiencing cracks or sinking in your concrete and want to restore it back to full functionality, our team at Innovative Basement Authority offers solutions for concrete lifting. Here are some of the most common ways to remedy your concrete problems.  

  • Pressure Grouting 

Also known as “mudjacking” or “slab jacking,” pressure grouting is an old-fashioned method of concrete leveling that is extremely invasive. The process is done by drilling soda-can-sized holes across your concrete slabs and then pumping in cement slurry and waiting for it to cure.  

Although this method was the most common option for a while, it’s been left in the past by specialists as more innovative solutions come on the market. Since it has a long cure time, it can take several days before you’re able to use your concrete surfaces.  

  • Replacing the Concrete 

In some situations, the only way to correct your concrete problems is by fully replacing it. If the concrete already has extensive cracks, broken-off pieces, or the soil underneath is already eroding, there is no feasible way that concrete will be structurally sound.  

Before it gets to this, experts will typically try to recommend other solutions, as replacing concrete is an extensive and expensive process. Another reason replacing the concrete isn’t the best choice is that it fails to address the root of the problem which is usually the soil.  

If our experts at Innovative Basement Authority believe that replacing your concrete is the only way to fix it, they’ll let you know. However, there are more cost-efficient and labor-efficient options available to lift sunken concrete and seal the cracks. 

  • Polyurethane Foam Injections 

One of the most cost-effective and less invasive solutions is our PolyRenewal™ foam injections. These injections are made with polyurethane foam which is not harmful to the environment and has a quick cure time. This process is done by our experts drilling a few penny-sized holes where the concrete is experiencing problems and injecting the polyurethane mixture into it.  

The foam dries in roughly 15 minutes and can seal the slabs from future water damage. We believe that this solution is typically the most effective for repairing sunken and cracked concrete, but our experts will advise you on the best choice during your free inspection.  

Talk to the Experts at Innovative Basement Authority to Address Your Concrete Sinking Concerns  

If you find it hard to pull into your driveway, are constantly worried about tripping going up your steps, or spot unevenness in your concrete pool deck, it may be time for concrete lifting. Here at Innovative Basement Authority, we offer our proven PolyRenewal foam injections to lift and seal your sunken or cracked concrete so that you can have peace of mind once again.  

By calling our team, one of our experts can come out to your home for a free inspection and provide you with a written estimate for repairs. They’ll also advise you on why it’s happening and the best practices moving forward. Don’t face your concrete problems alone and call the professionals at Innovative Basement Authority today!

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