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SettleStop™ Carbon Fiber System

Spotting cracks, bowing, and tilting in your basement walls can worry any homeowner. These issues threaten your home’s structural integrity and value. 

The good news is Innovative Basement Authority offers a proven solution: the SettleStopTM Carbon Fiber wall reinforcement system. This affordable approach reinforces walls and restores peace of mind. 

This page will provide information on how our carbon fiber straps can stabilize your home’s foundation. With over 15 years of expertise, trust us to permanently fix your basement. 

What Is Carbon Fiber Wall Reinforcement? 

Carbon fiber straps utilize the incredible strength of carbon fiber, which is 10 times stronger than steel once installed. These durable straps bond firmly to walls to halt movement and damage. 

They work well for walls shifted inward less than two inches. The thin straps blend in subtly and can be concealed with basement finishing. 

Signs Your Walls Need Carbon Fiber Straps 

Watch for these symptoms that your walls need reinforcing: 

  • Spiderweb cracking or diagonal cracks 
  • Walls bowing inward 
  • Top of walls tilting inward 
  • Less than two inches of wall movement 

If your walls have substantial damage, our wall repair system or anchors may be better fixes.  

Contact us to book a free consultation and determine the right solution. 

Is Carbon Fiber Basement Wall Reinforcement Necessary? 

Yes! Reinforcing at the first signs of damage prevents more serious structural problems down the road and escalating costs.  

Our carbon fiber seamlessly integrates into our complete structural repair approach to keep your home safe for years. 

Benefits of Carbon Fiber Reinforcement 

Structural Support  

Carbon fiber significantly enhances wall strength to prevent further damage. 

Subtle Look  

The thin straps integrate discreetly with minimal visual impact. They can be painted over or covered with drywall. 


Carbon fiber doesn’t corrode, giving it a longer lifespan than some repair methods. Our proprietary carbon fiber exceeds generic products. 

How We Professionally Install Carbon Fiber Basement Wall Reinforcement 

Our team generally installs carbon fiber straps this way: 

  • Evaluate wall condition 
  • Mark strap installation points 
  • Sand and clean the wall for adhesion 
  • Attach bracket to sill plate 
  • Apply high-strength epoxy to wall 
  • Affix carbon fiber strap to epoxy-coated wall 
  • Thread strap through sill plate bracket 
  • Apply another coat of epoxy to strap and wall 
  • Ensure strap is fully bonded and secured 

With more than 18 years of foundation expertise, IBA can be trusted for precision installation and lasting protection. 

Why Choose Our Carbon Fiber Straps 

  • Subtle appearance 
  • Superior strength 
  • Prevents future cracking 
  • Combines with other solutions 
  • Exclusive to our company 
  • Annual maintenance service plan 

Contact IBA for Carbon Fiber Straps! 

Early reinforcement prevents catastrophe and boosts safety and value. With over 15 years fixing and protecting homes, IBA is your proven choice for wall stabilization. 

Contact us for a free inspection and start protecting your foundation today. 


While it might be tempting to consider a DIY approach, it’s highly recommended to hire professionals for the installation of carbon fiber straps. Incorrect installation can result in ineffective stabilization and could potentially worsen existing structural issues.  

Several factors can influence the cost of installing carbon fiber straps, including the size and condition of the area to be reinforced, labor costs, and the quality of the straps themselves. It’s always advisable to get multiple quotes and consult with experts to understand the specific needs of your project.  

One of the advantages of using carbon fiber straps is their low-profile design, which allows them to be easily concealed or painted over after installation. Carbon fiber straps are thin and can be integrated discreetly into your structure, preserving the aesthetic value of your home or building. 

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