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10 Reasons to Repair Foundation Damage ASAP

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It’s tempting to believe that leaks and damage coming from your foundation are temporary. After all, the damage will eventually go away – right?

Not necessarily. In fact, the longer you let a leak or crack go, the more it can impact the way you live, the value of your home, and your wallet.

If you’re thinking about delaying your foundation repair, consider the following reasons why you need to act – and quickly:

foundation problems and repair
  • The Damage Will Have Time To Worsen – An untended leak or crack is something that could be constantly allowing water into your home. If you leave these leaks or cracks for an extended period of time, you may find that what was once minor water damage has turned into extensive flooding. That kind of flooding can rot away not only your structural supports but belongings you put into storage.
  • Your Electrical Bill Can Rise – When you have excess moisture in your home, your heater and air conditioner struggle to control its internal temperature. As a result, both appliances will have to work harder – resulting in a higher bill for you.
  • Your Water Bill Could Rise – Not only can your electrical bill increase, but additional moisture in the air may cause your water bill to rise as well. Why? Because excess moisture can cause your pipes to fail and crack. As a result, you’ll have to deal with an internal leak as well as an external one, which can double up your water damage while also running up your bill.
  • Your Foundation May Continue To Fracture – A crack that’s been left untended can compromise the structural integrity of the rest of your foundation. This means it will be easier for additional smaller cracks to form. With more cracks come more opportunities for damage, all of which can end in additional damage for you.
  • Animals and Insects Can Get Into Your Home – When water can get into your home, it paves the way for critters of all types to follow. If you don’t act quickly to fix a foundation crack, you may soon find yourself dealing not only with water damage but with insects or animals as well.
  • Mold Can Easily Crop Up – There’s nothing mold likes more than a wet and dark place to grow. If you leave a crack in your foundation unrepaired, you may soon find yourself dealing with not only the damage that comes with the crack but with mold in your foundation as well. Excess mold growth can trigger allergies and otherwise compromise the health of your family if it isn’t taken care of professionally and quickly.
  • You Home Can Lose Resale Value – It is possible to sell a home with a cracked foundation. However, if you don’t go about repairing your foundation before putting your home on the market, you risk losing up to 30 percent of your home’s value in your sale. While it’s true that the costs of the initial repair may seem like a lot, it’s far kinder to your bank account if you invest in repairs instead of leaving them for another homeowner to take care of.
  • You May Not Be Able To Take Out A Loan – If you need to take out a second mortgage or otherwise invest in your home, a foundation crack could prove a financial detriment. If you haven’t fixed a crack that’s actively damaging the value of your home, as previously mentioned, the bank you want to work with may see fit to deny you the loan you need for other projects.
  • Repairs Could Take Longer and Be More Involved – The longer you let a foundation crack go, the more likely it is that your eventual repairs are going to be invasive, and in more ways than one. A foundation crack that’s lived a long life could take a longer time to repair than one that’s detected and immediately acted upon. Not only might contractors have to be in your home for longer, but the repairs they suggest could involve more reconstruction around your home.
  • The Eventual Repair Costs May Be More Expensive – Many myths surrounding foundation repair suggest that if you wait to repair your damage, it’ll go away on its own. Alternatively, many myths suggest that the longer you leave a leak or crack, the more time you’ll have to save for repairs. Neither of these myths does you any good in reality. If you let a foundation crack or leak go for an extended period of time, you risk repair costs that far outmatch what you would have paid if you had acted more quickly.

Don’t let Mother Nature dictate the value of your home. If you suspect you have a foundation crack or leak, get in touch with a St. Cloud, MN, contractor ASAP for a free inspection and estimate for repairs.

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