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Bouncy Floors

Noticing bouncy floors in your home? Learn what to look for and how Innovative Basement Authority, a trusted leader in foundation repair, can help. Call for a free inspection.

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Have you recently noticed bouncy floors in your home? While it may seem like a minor inconvenience, it could be an indication of significant underlying problems in your crawl space. 

Innovative Basement Authority has more than 15 years of experience in crawl space repair and has become the trusted leader in the area.  

Learn about the causes and dangers associated with bouncy floors, and explore effective solutions provided by our experts to address these problems and restore stability to your home. 

Are Bouncy Floors a Safety Concern?

The short answer — yes, bouncy floors can be a real safety concern in your home.  

When the floors feel unstable, it increases the chances of accidents and falls, especially for children, the elderly, or anyone with mobility challenges.  

The underlying issues causing this bounciness— such as weakened foundations or compromised floor joists — need to be tackled promptly to ensure everyone’s safety and prevent any further damage to your home. 

What Causes Bouncy Floors?

There are several factors that contribute to bouncy floors. Here are the common culprits: 

  • Moisture: Excessive moisture levels in the crawl space can lead to mold and wood rot, weakening the floor joists and causing them to lose their structural integrity. In the Dakotas, Minnesota, eastern Montana, and western Wisconsin, the local weather conditions play a significant role here. The harsh winters, seasonal thaws, and high humidity make moisture a big problem.  
  • Pests: Infestations of termites, carpenter ants, or other wood-destroying pests can cause significant damage to the wooden components of the floor system, including the joists. Their presence can weaken the structural support and lead to bouncy floors. 
  • Over Spanned Joists: In some cases, the floor joists may have been installed with larger spans than recommended— which can cause them to flex and result in bouncy floors. This over spanning may occur due to poor construction practices or inadequate support. 

Bouncy Floors No More —3 Steps to Restore Stability

Dealing with bouncy floors in your home? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with effective solutions to restore stability and eliminate the annoyance. 

But remember, you must address the root cause of bouncy floors rather than just replacing the flooring. Simply swapping out the surface won’t fix the underlying structural issues. 

Step 1: Identify the Cause

Contact IBA first to help identify the reason for your bouncy floors.  

Step 2: Reinforce Floor Joists

Strengthen the floor joists by adding support beams like SettleStop IntelliJack™. These adjustable crawl space support posts are able to support 24,000 lbs. per jack. 

Step 3: Address Moisture Issues

If moisture is a contributing factor, add solutions like drainage, a sump pump, or a dehumidifier to address it. Repair any plumbing leaks and consider installing a vapor barrier to prevent moisture buildup and wood rot. 

Remember, addressing bouncy floors promptly is important to prevent further damage and ensure the stability and safety of your home.  

Contact local professionals to help determine the most appropriate course of action for fixing bouncy floors. 

Repairing Bouncy Floors is Easy with IBA

Fixing bouncy floors requires more than a surface-level solution. It’s crucial to dig deeper and identify the underlying causes for a lasting fix.  

Whether it’s weakened floor joists, over spanned joists, or moisture issues, addressing these root causes is essential. Don’t forget that bouncy floors can impact your home’s comfort, safety, and even value.  

That’s why it’s highly recommended to reach out to the experts at Innovative Basement Authority for a thorough inspection and professional guidance. We have the knowledge and expertise to provide tailored solutions, ensuring a solid and secure foundation for your home.  

Don’t hesitate to schedule your inspection and take the first step towards eliminating those bouncy floor troubles once and for all. 

Bouncy Floors


Sinking floors are a huge problem, which means you need to know what to do when it happens. Here’s what you should know:

  • DIY Fixes  

When it comes to something as potentially important as your home’s foundation, it’s not a good idea to try a DIY solution.   

Homeowners often don’t have the necessary tools to fix foundation problems and it can be more expensive to buy or rent the tools.

  • Expert Fixes  

An expert can help you discover what’s going on in your home and help you permanently fix the problems. Innovative Basement Authority can help you with your sinking floor problems. Regardless of why you’re having these problems or what the underlying problem happens to be, Innovative Basement Authority can help you fix it for good.  

For optimal maintenance, have a professional inspect your crawl space at least once a year. This routine inspection allows experts to assess the condition of your crawl space, identify any potential issues, and provide necessary repairs or preventative measures. However, if you suspect a water problem or notice signs of moisture intrusion, it is a good idea to schedule an inspection promptly to address the issue and prevent further damage. 

Encapsulation plays a crucial role in improving the conditions of a crawl space. By encapsulating the crawl space – which involves sealing it with a durable vapor barrier, covering the floor, walls, and pillars, and potentially installing a sump pump or dehumidifier – you create a moisture-resistant and controlled environment. This helps prevent moisture intrusion, reduces the risk of mold and mildew growth, improves air quality, and can contribute to energy efficiency in the home. 

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