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Open Crawl Space Vents 

Initially praised for their air circulation advantages, open crawl space vents are now seen as outdated. These common features in older homes with crawl spaces contribute to unwanted moisture and ventilation problems. 

Ignoring these open vents can lead to a myriad of issues, including moisture accumulation, mold proliferation, pest intrusion, and more, compromising both your home’s structure and your health. 

Leveraging nearly 20 years of industry expertise, Innovative Basement Authority proactively tackles these problems. Our team is dedicated to converting your crawl space into a secure, moisture-free, and energy-efficient area of your home through our unique crawl space encapsulation techniques, promising lasting comfort and durability. 

This resource will guide you through the evolution of crawl space vents, the troubles they pose, and the advantages of our tailor-made repair solutions. 

What Are Open Crawl Space Vents? 

Originally installed for compliance with building regulations and to address moisture issues, open crawl space vents are now considered a legacy of outdated construction norms. 

Yet, these vents more often exacerbate the problems they were meant to solve. They can lead to: 

Such problems can seriously impact the structural soundness of your home and your wellbeing. If you observe these symptoms or notice open vents on your home’s exterior, promptly seek assistance from crawl space professionals like Innovative Basement Authority

Why Your Home Has Open Crawl Space Vents 

Up until the mid-20th century, conventional wisdom advocated for the installation of crawl space vents to promote airflow and reduce dampness. 

This concept, however, has been proven incorrect. Nowadays, it’s acknowledged that crawl space vents often worsen moisture and dampness issues. 

Studies in the 1990s showed that these vents facilitate moisture invasion and reduce a house’s energy efficiency, complicating temperature regulation indoors. 

As a result, the last few decades have seen a decrease in the use of these vents. Building regulations have evolved, now favoring vent sealing and crawl space encapsulation. 

Covering these vents is now a standard practice in improving crawl spaces, sealing them off and incorporating artificial air circulation methods to foster a healthier crawl space environment. 

Can You Fix Open Crawl Space Vents? 

Absolutely, open crawl space vents can be effectively resolved. A mere cover-up is insufficient; a comprehensive home solution is essential for permanent outcomes. 

Addressing this issue requires an all-encompassing strategy, ensuring every aspect of your crawl space is taken into account. Sealing the vents as a component of a complete encapsulation system can transform your moist, unwholesome crawl space into a pristine, dry, and regulated area. 

With over 15 years of experience in managing crawl space moisture, the experts at Innovative Basement Authority possess the know-how to identify the fundamental issues in your home and implement exhaustive repairs tailored to your needs. 

How to Fix Open Crawl Space Vents 

The simplest method to resolve open crawl space vents is through crawl space encapsulation. However, this entails more than just blocking the vent or covering it. 

Innovative Basement Authority’s detailed encapsulation process involves: 

Opting for Innovative Basement Authority means selecting a solution backed by our exclusive products, ensuring superior performance and longevity. 

Why Address Open Crawl Space Vents Now 

Addressing open crawl space vents promptly is crucial for numerous reasons: 

  • Avert Structural Damage: Early intervention can save on costly repairs. 
  • Boost Indoor Air Quality: A sealed, moisture-free crawl space promotes healthier living conditions. 
  • Increase Energy Efficiency: Effective insulation and sealing can significantly reduce energy expenses. 
  • Prevent Pest Infestations: Pests are less likely to inhabit dry crawl spaces. 
  • Raise Property Value: Homes with resolved crawl space issues are more appealing to buyers. 

Innovative Basement Authority combines expertise with top-tier products to deliver leading industry solutions. 

Contact Innovative Basement Authority for Dependable Crawl Space Solutions 

If your home features open crawl space vents, don’t delay addressing the issue. Innovative Basement Authority possesses the necessary products, diagnostic tools, and expertise to fully encapsulate your crawl space. 

We will examine your crawl space, identify underlying issues, and provide customized, lasting solutions. Our distinctive products and comprehensive approach distinguish us from basic encapsulation options. Reach out to us today to book a free crawl space inspection and a no-commitment repair quote. 


While DIY coverage of crawl space vents is possible, professional services guarantee a complete and enduring solution. Innovative Basement Authority’s method involves total waterproofing and encapsulation of the crawl space, not just vent sealing or covering. Contact us to explore further and arrange a free crawl space inspection.

The timeframe varies based on the crawl space’s condition and the chosen solutions, but our team typically completes projects within several days. Innovative Basement Authority’s crew works diligently to minimize disturbance. Discover more and receive a no-obligation estimate and precise timeline during a free inspection.

The expense depends on your crawl space’s size, its current state, and the specific repairs required. However, investing in Innovative Basement Authority’s professional services assures value for your money with enduring outcomes. We offer free inspections, no-obligation repair quotes, transparent pricing, and various financing options. Reach out to us for further details.

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