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Concrete Patio Repair 

Your home’s patio allows you to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors. However, when your patio shows signs of damage, the pleasure dwindles. 

A cracked or sinking patio isn’t just an aesthetic concern; it’s also a hazard. Rely on Innovative Basement Authority for dependable patio concrete repair, utilizing the new PolyRenewal™ concrete lifting system

As a leading concrete repair expert in the region, our mission is to reestablish a clean, safe exterior living area. 

Continue reading to learn the significance of patio concrete repair and the pivotal role of contemporary methods. 

What is Concrete Patio Repair? 

Concrete patio repair involves repairing damaged patio areas to their original glory. 

Don’t use generic store solutions or strategies like mudjacking and repouring. These dated, invasive, and expensive approaches don’t provide lasting support to the patio as they miss the core problem. 

A smarter approach to issues such as sinking and cracked patios is reinforcing the slabs by stabilizing the underlying soil. 

Innovative Basement Authority’s exclusive PolyRenewal™ concrete lifting process tackles problems like uneven soil by firming up the ground with a waterproof solution. 

Signs Your Concrete Patio Needs Repair 

Noticed cracks or settling on your patio? It may be time to take action. 

Below are some common indicators: 

Spotting these initial indicators can be cost-effective in the future. If such signs are evident, it’s wise to consult a concrete repair expert like Innovative Basement Authority. 

Is Concrete Patio Repair Necessary? 

Yes. Neglecting repairs will escalate damage over time, which results in even more extensive and costlier eventual interventions, narrowing down remediation options. 

Prompt repair not only prolongs your patio’s lifespan but also protects your home’s allure and safety. 

We caution against DIY fixes or formerly favored methods like mudjacking or repouring since they don’t address the root causes. 

With Innovative Basement Authority’s whole-home plan, proactive patio repair can avert possible foundation complications. 

What Are the Benefits of Concrete Patio Repair? 

Repairing your patio concrete creates several advantages: 


Cracked patios can be an accident waiting to happen. We reduce such threats by elevating settled patio parts, guaranteeing a secure environment for loved ones and guests. 

Halting Damage Promptly 

Lifting sunken patio slabs prevents added erosion of your concrete and its foundational solidity. 

Beauty Enhancements 

Revitalized patios elevate your home’s visual charm and worth. Our distinct concrete elevation technique leaves minimal traces of the restoration. 

Prolonged Durability 

Our distinctive PolyRenewal™ method offers long-term solutions, different than age-old techniques. 

Trust our carefully curated, detail-driven repair for optimal results. Our eco-friendly PolyRenewal™ concrete lifting solution not only lifts quickly but is long-lasting.  

How Our Concrete Patio Repair Works 

Our concrete patio repair approach includes: 

  • Drill small, penny-sized holes into the affected patio areas. 
  • Insert injection ports in the holes. 
  • Mix a two-part, closed-cell polymer foam. 
  • Inject foam beneath patio slabs. 
  • The foam expands, fills voids, and cures within 15 minutes. 
  • Lift the slab and stabilize the soil. 
  • Remove ports, fill, and smooth drilled holes. 
  • Apply sealant to cracks and joints to prevent further damage. 
  • Conduct regular maintenance.  

Being the leading concrete professional in the region, our team possesses the knowledge to accurately lift and level your patio for years to come. 

Why Our Patio Repair is the Best Choice for Your Home 

Innovative Basement Authority’s PolyRenewal™ concrete lifting system stands out for patio remedies due to its: 

  • Precision: Delivers unparalleled accuracy in lift. 
  • Minimal Disturbance: Avoids the need for heavy machinery or extensive digging. 
  • Lightweight: The foam weighs less than traditional repairs like mudjacking. 
  • Quick: Becomes usable in a brief 15-minute period, minimizing interruptions. 
  • Robustness: Engineered to withstand external forces and ensure extended lifespan. 
  • Versatility: Good for use on numerous concrete surfaces.  
  • Environmentally Conscious: No-toxic makeup makes it environmentally friendly.  
  • Subtle Restorations: Post-repair visibility is minimal, blending seamlessly with the surrounding concrete. 
  • Consistent Maintenance: Our annual maintenance ensures ongoing peak performance. 

Connect with Innovative Basement Authority for Patio Concrete Lifting Today! 

A cracked, sunken patio is a threat. Restore your patio’s elegance and safety with Innovative Basement Authority’s expert offerings. Contact us now for a free, no-obligation inspection.  

Our knowledgeable team can proficiently lift and level your patio segments, ending potential risks and revitalizing its allure. Investing in high-quality repairs now saves money on potential patio replacement in the future.  


The holes are small (about the size of a penny) and are filled afterward. While they might be noticeable up close, they often blend in over time.  

With polyurethane foam lifting, the patio can often be used just 15 minutes after the process. This means by the time our team has cleaned and cleared out, your home is back to normal.

Most patio concrete lifting jobs can be completed in a few hours, but the time can vary depending on the size and complexity of the project. During a free inspection, our team will give you a specific timeline.

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