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6 Easy Steps to Install Crawl Space Insulation

Innovative Basement Authority tech installing crawl space insulation

Are you considering crawl space insulation and curious about the benefits it offers? Look no further! We’ll guide you through the six essential steps of crawl space insulation installation.  

By following these steps, the professionals at Innovative Basement Authority will help you achieve a well-insulated crawl space. 

From improved energy efficiency and lower utility bills to enhanced comfort and protection against moisture issues— crawl space insulation provides a range of benefits.  

So, let’s dive into the six steps that will help you achieve the advantages it brings to your home. 

Crawl Space Insulation: The Benefits You Should Know

In regions with notable temperature changes throughout the year — like North Dakota, Minnesota, South Dakota, and parts of Montana and Wisconsin — crawl space insulation plays a crucial role in maintaining a comfortable and energy-efficient home.  

These areas experience significant temperature variations, ranging from harsh winters to hot summers. By properly insulating the crawl space, homeowners can create a barrier against extreme temperatures, reducing heat loss during winter and preventing heat gain during summer.  

This insulation acts as a thermal shield, helping to stabilize indoor temperatures and lowering the strain on heating and cooling systems.  

Crawl space insulation also helps mitigate the risk of frozen pipes, condensation, and moisture-related issues that leads to structural damage and mold growth

A well-insulated crawl space is essential for homeowners in these areas to optimize energy efficiency, enhance indoor comfort, and protect their homes from the effects of fluctuating temperatures. 

6-Step Installation Guide for Crawl Space Insulation

Ready to get started with crawl space insulation and make your home more comfortable? 

While crawl space insulation installation may seem like a tempting do-it-yourself project, it’s important to recognize the complexities involved.  

To ensure good results, it is recommended to trust the professionals at Innovative Basement Authority.  

Let’s get started!

Step 1: Clear Away Standing Water

Prior to installing insulation in the crawl space, pump out any standing water. This step ensures the crawl space is ready, preventing moisture-related issues and creating an environment for the insulation to work best. 

Step 2: Remove Any Old, Moldy Insulation

moldy fiberglass crawl space insulation

If your crawl space is already insulated, it might not be insulated properly. Fiberglass sheets are NOT a good form of crawl space insulation. They take on moisture, get moldy, sag, and generally make a nasty mess.

Remove all of this and throw it away (far away, yuck) before moving on to the next step.

Step 2: Make Repairs Needed

a pencil stuck through rotted wood to show how brittle it is

Next, tackle any needed repairs in the crawl space. It’s important any structural issues or damage (like wood rot pictured here) is fixed first because it could hinder the insulation’s effectiveness.  

Step 3: Seal Crawl Space Doors & Vents

open crawl space vent

By ensuring a tight seal on doors and vents, moisture is lessened. It’s important to note that anything that fails to provide a proper seal may need replacement, as prolonged exposure to moisture and standing water can cause the existing wood materials to warp. 

Step 4: Add Crawl Space Drainage

If you are dealing with leaks or standing water, you should install a dependable waterproofing solution. This can include adding an interior drainage system like the CrawlDrain™ system, and a sump pump.  

The purpose of the CrawlDrain™ system is to gather any water seepage along the perimeter and direct it towards the specially designed sump pump for proper drainage.  

Step 5: Install Crawl New Space Insulation

Next, it’s insulation time. But not all insulation delivers equal effectiveness. Conventional soft fiberglass insulation tends to be prone to getting wet easily, failing, and becoming a breeding ground for pests and mold.  

To overcome these issues, it is recommended to choose rigid closed-cell ExTremeBloc™ insulation panels designed for placement on crawl space walls. 

Closed cell insulation is the best choice due to its high density and moisture resistance, which provides insulation and a moisture barrier to protect against potential water damage and mold growth. 

Step 6: Crawl Space Encapsulation

Encapsulation serves as the final step in establishing a thoroughly insulated environment. This involves sealing the crawl space with a vapor barrier that extends to cover the floor, and pillars, and, if necessary, incorporating a dehumidifier

Trust IBA for Expert Crawl Space Insulation

When it comes to insulating your crawl space, Innovative Basement Authority is the best choice for homeowners in the Dakotas, Minnesota, eastern Montana, and western Wisconsin

With our vast knowledge and experience in crawl space insulation, IBA guarantees a permanent solution.  

Our team of experts is well-versed in the unique challenges of crawl space insulation and employs cutting-edge techniques and premium materials to achieve exceptional outcomes.  

By selecting IBA, you can have complete confidence your crawl space will be effectively insulated, safeguarding your home against moisture, enhancing energy efficiency, and fostering a healthier living environment.  

Take the first step by scheduling your free inspection with IBA today.

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