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BasementGutter™ Interior Drainage System

Our most popular drainage system, BasementGutter™, is the ideal solution for most basement waterproofing applications.


Flooding can seriously damage your foundation, basement walls and floor, and any other belongings you store in your basement. No homeowner wants to constantly clear water out of their basement. This sort of damage can be even more irritating if you already have a drainage system installed, but it does not work as well as it should.  

When your current drainage system is not doing its job correctly, then it might be time to find a different solution. Innovative Basement Authority’s specially designed interior drainage system may be just the waterproofing solution you are looking for! 

BasementGutter™ Interior Drainage System: The Best Basement Waterproofing Solution 

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A good drainage system can easily circumvent any flooding your basement might have. It will be able to withstand any harsh weather all while keeping your home completely dry. The BasementGutter™ drainage system is perhaps the best drainage system available. Let’s take a closer look into all the features this durable system can offer below. 

  • Collects and Redirects Water Far from Your Basement 

Rainwater, snow, and even humidity can push through any cracks or leaks around your basement. This then makes it essential for any system in your basement to be able to collect it and redirect it away from your home. 

The BasementGutter™ drainage system will do just that. Its wall flange with a 3/8-inch opening collects water from your basement walls to ensure no lingering humidity has the chance to condense and flood your basement. The water that would normally flood your basement will then flow down its pipes to a sump pump. 

Essentially, interior water management systems are typically made up of two parts: the drainage system and a sump pump. The sump pump takes the water these systems collect and pumps it away from your home to a nearby storm drain or trench.  Our sump pumps are powerful, but adding a backup battery makes it extremely reliable during severe weather. Even if your power happens to go out, this system will still be working to redirect any moisture away from your basement.  

The drainage system is specifically designed to collect water found at the wall and floor joint where much of the flooding tends to collect. It is a discreet design that will blend well into your basement. It is also easily customizable to match your home’s drainage needs.  

  • Guaranteed Clog-Free 

The BasementGutter™ interior drainage system is particularly durable and resistant to clogs thanks to the high-quality pipes and sturdy filtration systems which prevent sediment and debris from entering the system and building up.  Our waterproofing system also has frozen discharge line protection. The FreezeGuard™ exterior discharge line attachment will prevent lines from freezing in the winter, so you will not have to worry about the pipes clogging with ice, either. 

  •  High Quality Coverage and Service 

Our experts can quickly install our BasementGutter™ interior drainage system. Of course, given its discreet design, you might not even notice it at work at all after our experts leave. This system is designed to be both flexible to fit your unique basement and completely durable as well. Installation under your basement’s floors will therefore be tailor-made to your home and your home alone. 

Your home will no longer face any flooding issues with the BasementGutter™ interior drainage system installed. It is among the best drainage solutions on the market. And with a long-term warranty and plenty of troubleshooting services available, homeowners like yourself can expect high-quality service and performance whenever you wish.

Looking Out for Problem Signs  

A flooded basement is a pain to deal with. That does not mean the average homeowner cannot do anything to prevent this from happening! Knowing how to identify problem signs as they arise can be a tremendous help. Here are some of the most prominent problem signs you should look out for.  

  • Leaks   

Leaks are perhaps one of the most obvious signs of a waterproofing issue. Pay attention to any leaks you find, no matter how small they may be. There is always the chance that this leak could grow worse, especially in a severe storm.  

Finding the source of the leak is also important. Leaks can be caused by a variety of factors including misaligned pipes for your existing (but faulty) drainage system, cracks along your basement floor or walls, or even structural issues within your foundation. Some of these factors cannot be fixed through DIY methods alone. This is where Innovative Basement Authority can help.  

  • Cracks   

Cracks along your basement walls or floor are often signs of serious foundational damage just below your feet. It is important to properly repair any cracks you see. Even a tiny, hairline crack can expand and cause damage to the rest of your home. They are also major contributors to flooding in your basement.  

Especially large cracks that are bigger than 3/8 of an inch or ones that span across both your basement walls and floor must be addressed immediately. These will create even further damage to your home if they continue to grow. 

  • Mold and Mildew Growth   

Patches of obvious black or white specks in the corners or along your basement walls typically spell a mold or mildew problem. Though not toxic, both mold and mildew can cause an allergic reaction or other mild health issues such as a stuffy nose, burning or itchy eyes, and coughing or wheezing. Those with more sensitive dispositions may even get infections in their lungs.  

  • Pests  

Pests of all kinds are attracted to areas with excessive amounts of moisture. This means that insects, mice, or other vermin may likely flock to your home if you do not immediately drain out any standing water. Some insects will also produce a sort of musty smell to attract others of their kind to your house.  

Interior Drainage System


Most homeowners are able to recognize when their  current drainage systems are faulty. However, smaller issues can quickly grow out of control, too.  

It can be difficult for homeowners to pinpoint the true origin of these issues. Here are a couple of ways to know your basement is facing any waterproofing issues you might not be able to spot 

  • Consider the Climate  

The climates in Midwestern states like Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, and eastern Montana all tend to be the same. You face hot, humid summers and cold, snow-laden winters. Both can result in excess moisture soaking into the soil around your foundation and infiltrating your basement. This leads to leaks, flooding, and foundational issues.  

Excess moisture threatening this space can be especially dangerous. A severe storm might wash away the supporting soil under your foundation and cause it to shift or even crack altogether. As a result, you might find your basement flooding more often. 

  • Hire a Basement Inspector  

While some projects like painting can be completed through DIY work, basement waterproofing is not one of them. It’s important to have the right solutions at hand to fix the specific problems you are facing with your leaking basement. 

Therefore, you need to leave any basement repairs or installations to the basement experts at Innovative Basement Authority. We have worked in countless basements and implemented several different basement solutions tailor-made for each home. Leave any repairs to us and reap the benefits of a dry basement today!

The average homeowner will be able to spot obvious damage such as leaking, floods, or cracks around their basement. However, there are often other, subtler signs of damage that you might not catch that will help you prevent the worst damage from occurring. 

  • Musty Smell  

If you notice a rather rank smell permeating throughout your first floor but nowhere else in your home, it is possible your basement has flooded or is facing other moisture-related issues. It will not help if this space grows overly warm and makes any water or even raw sewage that managed to seep through smell even worse. 

It is also good to keep in mind that this musty smell may come from other additional sources as well. Mold and mildew often tend to give off musty stenches of their own. Pests may also emit certain odors to attract others of their kind to your home as well. 

  • Shifting Walls  

Pay attention to any shifts in your home’s infrastructure. Your home’s foundation is meant to keep your home steady and upright. It also keeps the lower levels of your home relatively dry. Of course, if your basement is constantly facing moisture issues, chances are your foundation might also face similar damage without your knowledge. 

When your walls, doorways, or window sills begin to tilt out of alignment, you can bet that the problem lies with your foundation. A shifted or uneven foundation allows more moisture to flood your basement. It is a vicious cycle that only feeds into more property damage. This is why you need to call the basement experts at Innovative Basement Authority to inspect your basement right away! 

What Causes Drainage Issues?  

Oftentimes, spotting any of the above problem signs can alert you to damage that has already been done. Though you cannot undo this, it is helpful information to know regardless. Understanding the causes behind the damage, however, is far more useful in terms of flooding prevention. Here are some of the most common causes of basement flooding and other drainage issues.   

  • Hydrostatic Pressure  

Every home is susceptible to some type of water damage. If you live in a humid or wet climate, however, you are far more at risk for basement flooding.  

The more moisture that the soil supporting your foundation soaks up, the heavier the pressure against your foundation becomes. Concrete is not as indestructible as you might think. If enough pressure is applied against your concrete foundation, it will shift out of alignment or crack altogether.  

It is also possible for moisture to infiltrate the concrete foundation’s pores and remain trapped for a long period of time. Come winter, this water will freeze, expand into ice, and crack the foundation from within.  

  • Clay Bowl Effect  

Contractors do their best to follow strict codes for constructing all residential homes. Unfortunately, there is one common practice they utilize that could be the cause for your basement flooding issues.  

One of the first things a contractor does when building a home is to lay down the foundation and basement walls and floor. Because these typically lie below ground, contractors will then have to dig a hole large enough to fit these pieces. They then backfill in any remaining soil around your completed basement and foundation.  

This makes the soil much looser than it used to be, making it susceptible to washing out during heavy storms. Without the support it once had, your foundation will likely grow uneven and allow more moisture to rush in. Eventually, this can lead to constant flooding in your basement.

Keep Your Basement Permanently Dry  

When your basement floods, it can be a hassle to clear it up again. Installing a good interior drainage system may be just the solution your home needs. Innovative Basement Authority will have the best drainage solution for your unique needs. Contact us for a free basement inspection and waterproofing quote today! Be sure to also ask for more information about our unique BasementGutter™ interior drainage system.   

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