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5 Reasons to Install a Dehumidifier in Your Crawl Space

Installing a dehumidifier will make your home more comfortable. It’s also a way to save on energy and keep the pests away.

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Increased moisture levels in a crawl space can only cause harm. Dark and damp spaces attract pests that not only cause damage but also transmit diseases. Moisture also leads to mold growth that can quickly contaminate the air you breathe and lower your quality of life. While crawl space repair and encapsulation can minimize water damage, it cannot always keep the humidity levels under control. This is where a dehumidifier steps in. If you live in a humid area or a place prone to flooding issues, having a dehumidifier is highly recommended. Let’s take a closer look at some of the reasons why installing this appliance might be a good option for you and your home.

crawl space dehumidifier installation

Lowering Humidity Makes for a Healthier Home 

Many respiratory problems can be exacerbated by living in a humid place. This usually gets worse during the seasons when there’s a lot of rainfall and the air gets hot and damp. 

Other symptoms such as headaches, heart problems, and allergies tend to act up when there’s a lot of humidity in the air. Since all of these symptoms can be related to other diseases, it takes time for a homeowner to determine the real cause of the problem and to address it. 

A dehumidifier will significantly improve the air quality in your home and after a while, the health concerns will disappear or become more manageable. If you’re moving into a new home, check out the air quality and install a dehumidifier before you relocate. 

Pest Control 

A crawl space is an attractive place for pests and insects since it’s dark and humid. Pests aren’t just annoying and harmful to the property. They can also be a health hazard because they are carrying a variety of different diseases. Pests such as mice or rats can also chew through wiring and wooden structures. 

By making the crawl space less hospitable to pests, you’ll probably get rid of most of them without having to call pest control. Making the space less humid is the first step towards accomplishing your goal. Have in mind that in areas such as Fargo, ND, winters tend to get harsh and if your crawl space presents a suitable shelter, these unwanted guests will surely inhabit this area. 

Structural Integrity 

Wooden structures tend to get damaged by humidity and rot over time. Although it takes 70 percent humidity for condensation to appear, the wood begins to rot when the humidity is at 28 percent. That means that most crawl spaces without proper waterproofing measures in place have this problem. 

After a while, you’ll notice that the wood is starting to crack and is no longer able to hold the structure of the home together. That’s a serious and rather expensive problem to solve, and therefore it’s best to work preemptively and prevent the crawl space from becoming humid in the first place. 

A dehumidifier is just a part of the solution, but an important one. You’ll also need to encapsulate your crawl space and make sure that you have a good drainage system that will remove water from it in case of flooding. 

Making the Home More Comfortable 

As much as 50 percent of the air in your home comes from the crawl space. That’s due to the stack effect causing the air to move up from the crawl space and circulate around the home. Having a dehumidifier will help you make sure that air is mold-free. It will also make the air less humid and therefore altogether more comfortable.  

Using Less Energy 

When your crawl space is not encapsulated and you do not have a dehumidifier, cold air during the winter months and hot summer air can enter your home through the crawl space. Luckily, with these waterproofing measures, you can control the temperature below your home. Why is this important? Because your HVAC won’t have to work overtime to keep the temperatures in your living space at the desired level. 

Want to see if a dehumidifier is the right solution for your home? Start by scheduling a free inspection of your crawl space. A waterproofing professional from Innovative Basement Authority will help you find the best dehumidifier for your home or other waterproofing solutions that could keep your home safe from damage. 

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