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Smart Ways of Taking Care of Your Holiday and Seasonal Decorations

If you don’t waterproof the basement and pack your holiday decorations properly, you’ll be forced to get new supplies or discard some of your treasured seasonal decorations.

You’ve spent a couple hundred dollars on your Halloween or Christmas decorations. Why would you stash these items in a damp basement knowing all too well they’ll decay? Basement moisture, water, crawling pests, and fluctuating temperatures can all degrade your seasonal decorations. 

If you care for your holiday decorations as well as your basement, you wouldn’t let either of them deteriorate. But that’s bound to happen if the space is damp and mold ridden. Down there, moisture rules. Everything on its path will break down and your decorations aren’t exempted. Your #1 priority is to keep water out of the basement. And this is what we’ll focus on in the section below. 

dry basement dehumidifier and sump pump

Smart Holiday Decoration Storage Tips 

Before scuttling your decorative trinkets, wreaths, and lights down to the basement, waterproof this space so water issues won’t damage them. A little bit of care and organization with packing your decorations means you’ll have a colorful and memorable event come next year. 

Wrap your garland gently around your arms so it won’t get tangled. Better still, place a twist tie where you pull up the garland before storing the coils in a secure plastic bag. 

Light strands are delicate. Similar to the garland, wrap it loosely around your arm or a mailing tube, then secure it with wire clips. Store it in a plastic tub for trouble-free holiday lighting. 

Wrap glass ball ornaments in tissue paper and store them in their original boxes or containers. However, they’re safer in divided storage boxes. 

Be sure to wrap individual ornaments with tissue, then keep them in archival storage boxes. Pack the box with silica packets to control dampness. 

Store faux fir or pine wreaths in hat boxes or hang them in the back of a closet. Large hat boxes can hold multiple wreaths. Cover your wreaths in a plastic bag to protect them from dust. 

Wrap your decorative candles in cellophane, pack them in labeled boxes, and move them to a cool place like the basement or a refrigerator. Avoid plastic wrap and waxed paper as they can melt into the candle if temperatures rise. 

Special holiday dishes are much safer in your dining room cabinet. If you don’t have one, line a bin with old newspaper and bubble wrap then stack the plates one at a time. 

Get Proper Storage 

Your holiday decorations are too precious to get bumped, soiled, or broken in storage. Next year, around this time you will move up your decorations for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Not sure you’ll be happy to see tangled wreaths and lights or broken dishes. Make a one-time investment in proper holiday storage like colored bins so you know where your items are. A storage bin with proper compartments for collectibles, lights, and ornaments ensures your items stay safe. 

Proper Basement Waterproofing 

We spend a lot of time planning and organizing seasonal parties and events till we forget the storage conditions of our holiday decorations. Your basement naturally isn’t the best place to store valuables, but it can be a wonderful secure place if you waterproof it. Here’s what you need to do to create a dry, mold-free storage area for your precious decorations. 

Get a dehumidifier to dry out the air so moisture doesn’t condense on your bins or cardboard boxes. 

Seal basement doors and windows properly to stop outside air from infiltrating the basement and causing moisture problems that could hurt your decorations. 

Install a sump pump and pair it with an interior drainage system to stop water from leaks or snowmelt from soaking up the boxes. 

Seal foundation and basement wall cracks to stop water from seeping through to your basement. Be sure to schedule a free basement waterproofing inspection and quote with Innovative Basement Authority. We can help you waterproof your Fargo, ND, basement so you can have trouble-free holidays and a hassle-free time decorating your home for that joyous occasion.

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