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How to Find the Best Sump Pump System for Your Home

There are a lot of different sump pump systems out there. It’s important to have one that will suit your specific needs and requirements.

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It’s essential to protect your home against water damage, especially if you live in an area where flooding is a common problem. A sump pump system can play an important role since it’s used to remove water from the property. These systems come in many different forms and it can be tricky to choose the right one for your home. This is why it is recommended to ask your local basement and crawl space waterproofing experts for advice. 

A sump pump system is something that you only need to install once in a few decades and it’s, therefore, important to choose a solution and the accessories that will cover your needs for years to come. 

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What’s a Sump Pump System? 

Sump pumps are devices used to move the water away from your home. They are installed in a pit below the property. That way all the water that accumulates under your home during a storm is collected in the pit and then removed so that it doesn’t cause damage. These pumps are an important part of your waterproofing system. 

Sump pumps are activated when the water in a pit rises above a certain level. Naturally, the pump needs to be maintained when it’s inactive. 

Two Pumps Are Better Than One 

It’s usually a good idea to have a backup pump installed as well, just to make sure that the system will function if something goes wrong. For the most part, it will be needed when the power is out and the main pump can’t function. Which backup you should choose depends on how you plan to power it. 

Sump Pumps Powered by a Generator  

Such pumps are very much similar to the main pump that’s connected to an electrical grid. However, they don’t depend on the electrical grid for power and are powered by a small generator that you need to install with the backup. This generator will keep the pump running during a power outage. 

Sump Pumps Powered by an AC Battery  

These pumps use an AC battery that comes with a charger and needs to be charged before it’s used. Those who face regular flooding issues could benefit from this option. 

Sump Pumps Powered by Water  

These pumps are powered by the very same water that they’ll pump outside the property. They are useful since they don’t rely on electricity and can work quite well even when the flood causes a blackout. On the other hand, they require a certain amount of water to turn on in the first place. 

Sump Pumps Powered by a Battery  

This is the most common type of backup pump. It’s powered by a completely independent battery. It’s important to make sure that the battery is charged and running so that the backup pump can be used whenever needed. 

Installing Additional Accessories 

A sump pump system can come with a lot of different accessories. These aren’t mandatory since a pump can do its job without them, but they can come in handy. It’s an addition you should invest in if you live in an area such as Fargo, ND, where there are a lot of floods and you need the best sump pump system you can get. 

  • Alarms: The alarm is there to alert you when the pump doesn’t turn on during a flood. It’s a useful feature to have if floods do not occur that often and you’re not sure if the pump will activate. 
  • Sump liners: Sump liners are used to protect the moving parts of the pump when it’s exposed to a lot of humidity and moisture that might damage it. 
  • Airtight lids: It’s important to use these lids to cover the sump pit. The water that enters the home usually doesn’t smell good and it’s best to keep it covered so that the unpleasant smell doesn’t spread through the house. 
  • Anti-freeze lines: Pipes that are used to pump the water outside can freeze when temperatures drop. Anti-freeze lines are used to remove the water when the rest of the system becomes frozen. 

What Makes for a Good Sump Pump System? 

No one sump pump system will work best for all homes. It’s important to have a pump system that will suit your specific needs. Take into account how often you have floods and how often the pump needs to be used. 

In the end, there’s always a matter of how expensive the pump will be. A homeowner needs to find the balance between the cost and the benefits that the sump pump will provide. 

Keeping the Sump Pump System Running 

A sump pump system only gets activated when there’s enough water in the sump pit. Since it’s not used at all times, it’s important to test it and maintain it while it’s turned off. A homeowner should throw a bucket of water into the pit every once in a while. The pump should then activate. If this does not happen, contact your local experts and have them take a look at it. 

Make sure that the moving parts of the pump are operational and that they are good to go when needed. The same goes for valves, pipes, and any other attachment that can become loose and start to drip. 

Before you invest in a sump pump system, you should contact an expert to help decide on the best option for your home. Schedule a free inspection with Innovative Basement Authority and learn more about waterproofing measures. 

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