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What Does it Cost to Clean a Crawl Space?

A lot of homeowners don’t visit their crawl space. When they do, it’s because something is wrong. It could be the indoor air is becoming unbreathable, floors are getting colder, or pests are taking over their homes. By the time they’re getting a professional to clean, things have already gotten out of hand. And they don’t know how much they’ll spend on the clean-up.

We wouldn’t want you to be caught off guard or start scouring the web for a breakdown of the costs. We’ll share with you handy information so you can plan for your crawl space clean-up properly.

Crawl Space Cleaning Costs

Clean-up costs will depend on the size of your crawl space and its condition. The bigger it is, the more hours the cleaners will require to clear out, clean the entire space.

There are several factors that contribute to the cost, they are:

Standing Water

If your crawl space has standing water or puddles, this water must be removed before clean up can start, increasing the cost. While it may be possible to remove the water yourself, having a professional do it is always best.


Another factor impacting the cost of clean up is mold. Depending on the amount of mold, a specialized company may need to be hired first to remove the mold.


Similar to mold problems, if pests are taking over your space an exterminator may need to be called before work can be completed.

Rotten Wood

If water and moisture is left untreated the wood structures responsible for holding your home in place can be damaged. Repairing wood structures before cleaning adds additional cost.

How Long Does It Take to Clean this Space?

Again, this depends on the size of your crawl space and its conditions. A cleaner and well-maintained crawl space is much easier to clean. But if it’s in poor condition or needs repairs, you’ll have to fix it first before cleaning starts. And this could mean adding a few days to your cleaning timeline. It’s important to assess the crawl space first to give you a reasonable timeline.

Ways to Save Money When Cleaning

When you’re so eager to have the crawl space cleaned, you may care less about how much you’re going to spend only to realize the cost is ballooning as days go by.

  • Get a professional who does both cleaning and repair services.
  • Budget for cleaning and save money for any repair works.
  • Shop around for quotes and get the opinion of 2-3 contractors.
  • Ask for product and material recommendations.

Why Hire a Professional Crawl Space Cleaner

As much as you’d like to clean up the crawl space yourself, it’s best if you let professionals handle the cleaning bit.

Crawl spaces can be extremely hazardous environments, often harboring mold, mildew, pests, and potentially harmful contaminants. Professionals have the necessary expertise, protective gear, and specialized equipment to handle these risks safely and effectively.

Secondly, crawling through tight spaces and navigating in the dark, damp conditions of a crawl space can be physically demanding and risky for individuals without the proper training. Professionals are accustomed to working in such confined areas and can minimize potential injuries or accidents. Additionally, DIY attempts may lead to incomplete or inadequate cleaning, leaving underlying issues unresolved and allowing problems to escalate.

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