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The 4 Best Things About BasementGutter Perimeter Drainage System

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Basement flooding almost always comes as a surprise. Even if a homeowner knows their basement is at risk for water, there’s no telling when the cracks and gaps letting in the occasional trickle will give way to a huge flood. And basement flooding is not something you want to deal with. Floods cause mold and property damage and can weaken your home’s structural integrity.

Luckily, there is help for homeowners with basements vulnerable to flooding. One of the best waterproofing products out there is BasementGutter, a perimeter drainage system designed to route any water that enters back out of the basement. Here are the 5 best things about BasementGutter perimeter drainage system:

1. It doesn’t take up space.

There are some waterproofing products out there that take up significantly more space than BasementGutter. As a perimeter drainage system, BasementGutter is installed below the basement floor. The only part of it you’ll be able to see is the lip that sticks up less than an inch above the floor and runs along your basement wall. This lip collects any water that runs down the walls and directs it to the underlying tube, which leads to the sump pump. BasementGutter doesn’t take any floor space, making it the perfect way to waterproof your basement while still keeping its storage function.

2. It’s easy to install.
Because BasementGutter is installed under the floor along the perimeter of your basement, it is a simple solution to your water problem. Our crew will dig below the basement floor, lay the BasementGutter system, and recover the floor with concrete — all within a short time frame to ensure that your basement is safe from water as soon as possible.

3. It’s affordable.

As with all of the basement products we offer at Innovative, BasementGutter is a highly effective solution available at a great price. When you meet with your basement specialist, you’ll receive a free estimate of all the costs involved with your project. Not only is BasementGutter affordable in and of itself, but it will also save you money over time. When you install a quality basement waterproofing system, you won’t have to worry about basement floods — or the costly repairs that come with them.

4. It will last.

BasementGutter, like all of our waterproofing products, is made of inorganic materials. It won’t rot away, rust, or grow mold like some inferior waterproofing products. You’ll never have to worry about the investment you made waterproofing your basement getting dumped down the drain after one too many floods. BasementGutter will protect your basement for years to come — and comes with the warranty to prove it.

Are you ready to waterproof your basement the right way? Innovative Basement Authority has been waterproofing basements throughout Minnesota and North Dakota for over a decade. We’re a trusted name in the waterproofing business, and we’re ready to help you get through this spring flood season with a dry basement. Call us today  to schedule a free estimate with a professional basement waterproofing specialist.

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