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Should You Open or Close Your Air Vents in The Summer?

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basement vents open during summer

Even if you welcome summer warmth with open arms, you don’t want to endure blistering temperatures all the time. The HVAC system in your home can help you respond to rapid changes in the weather and keep you comfortable.

There are little ways you can modify how your HVAC system works, including closing off the air vents in rooms you don’t use too frequently. If you’re not in your basement often, you may not see the importance of spending money on controlling its temperature.

While it is safe to close up your basement air vents, you’ll need to do so carefully. If you don’t rotate the flow of air in your home, your HVAC system may begin to suffer.

The Benefits of Closing Your Basement Vents

If you’re looking to save money, then closing up your air vents can bear many benefits. If there are rooms

in your basement you don’t take advantage of that often, there seems to be little point in keeping air flowing to them. If you want to lower your energy bill, you can close the vents in those rooms and have that airflow elsewhere.

Note that cool air won’t flow upward without help. If the upper levels of your home are sweltering, you’ll want to consider what HVAC or other systems you have available to you that can help with that kind of spot treatment. You can also pair these sorts of systems with an in-house dehumidifier that can draw moisture out of your air to eliminate mold growth throughout your home.

The Side Effects of Closing Your Basement Vents

Unfortunately, while you will save money with some of your air vents closed, there are downsides to the practice. These can include:

  • Backed-up air pressure – As mentioned, air doesn’t readily move upward through your home if your vents are closed. That stagnating air can result in vent damage if you expect too much of your HVAC system.
  • Leaks – The last thing you want, as a homeowner, is for your air vents to start leaking. Leaking air vents make it significantly more difficult to control the temperature in your home. They can also be difficult to identify if you don’t know where to start looking. Unfortunately, leaving your basement vents closed can make these leaks more common, even in newer homes.
  • Higher bills – If your air vents begin to leak, that aforementioned monetary benefit will rapidly diminish as your bills increase.
  • Frozen AC coils – Closed vents can also drastically change the environment around your HVAC system. Low airflow when the temperatures in your area start to cool can eventually freeze your AC coils if you’re not investing in regular maintenance or home inspections.

Contending with Air Vent Leaks

As mentioned, air leaks are some of the most trying problems a homeowner can deal with. If you suspect you have a leak on your hands, you can keep an eye out for some of the most telling symptoms, including:

  • Higher electric bills
  • Less pleasant air, or air with dust particles
  • Inconsistent temperatures throughout your home

While it’s best to reach out to an expert to repair an air vent leak, you can also take steps to protect your home on your own. These steps can include:

  1. Check your vent system for signs of damage that you can spot from the outside.
  2. Turn on your HVAC system and follow the air pressure until it gives out.
  3. Check your ducts for signs of damage.

You can also take a lighter or a candle and let the smoke follow the airflow throughout your home. This way, you can better determine which part of your HVAC system is suffering from the most damage.

Can You Safely Close Your Vents During the Summer?

With the pros and cons of closing your air vents in mind, is it worth it to close up your vents in the warmer months of the year, especially if you want to save money?

It’s not going to harm your home if you close up your air vents for a day or two at a time. That said, you need to make a point of opening those vents back up, or at least rotating the vents you have closed throughout your basement. This way, air can continue to flow through your home without suffering from any backups.

If you think the unintentional misuse of your air vents has resulted in a leak somewhere in your home, or if you just want to take steps to protect your home before damage appears, you can. The foundation, basement, and crawl space repair experts serving Rush City, MN, can walk through your home with you. These professionals with Innovative Basement Authority can then provide you with a free quote on the repair services you may need to restore your space.

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