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With fall here and winter weather right around the corner, it’s important to make sure your home is winter ready. At Innovative Basement Authority we have the the products and services to keep your homes’ basement warm and your energy bill low.

Insulating Basement Walls

When it comes to insulating your basement walls we have the right product for you. Wall Panels are designed with ExTremeBloc™ insulation, an expanded polystyrene foam insulation. ExTremeBloc™ is made with a unique graphite infusion process that improves its insular ability by an incredible 24% over comparable foam insulation products. Wall Panels generate a warm, insulated blanket around your basement that will never rot or support mold growth because there’s no wooden studs, drywall, or fiberglass.

Technical Features

  • Forms An Unbroken Sheet Of Insulation On Basement Walls
  • Provides A Waterproof Vapor Barrier
  • Compatible With Our Drain Systems
  • Graphite Particle Infusion Enhances Insular Properties By 24%
  • Prepares Your Basement Walls For Finishing
  • Built-in Electrical Outlets & Chases Allow Electrical Installation

It’s important to also know what NOT to do when insulating your basement walls. When insulating your basement walls with fiberglass, you run the risk of it absorbing water and humidity. Fiberglass contains dyes and resins that will grow mold over time in wet or humid conditions, something that the Midwest knows all to well about. By using an inorganic closed-cell foam insulation on your basement walls, you ensure that your insulation will not soak up water, rot, or support fungal growth.

At Innovative Basement Authority, we have just what you need to save money and enjoy a beautiful new living space in your home. If you would like a free, no-obligation, written basement wall insulation quote, we’re here to help you! Contact us by phone or e-mail today to schedule your free appointment!

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