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How to Fix Basement Wall Cracks from The Interior

If you have a basement wall crack, you may want to avoid messy & large-scale fixes. Innovative Basement Authority can help you fix it from the inside.

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When you see a deep crack lingering in your basement wall, the thought of repairing it can feel like something out of a horror movie. Having to call out contractors to make a mess of your garden and yard to get to the source of the issue makes for a big headache.  

But did you know that you can fix your basement crack and other issues, from the inside? At Innovative Basement Authority, we specialize in making superior and accommodating repairs that leave you feeling safe and secure.  

Together, we’ll go over why basement walls crack, why they need to be fixed, what not to do, and how professionals can help you fix it from the inside. 

Why do Basement Walls Crack?

  • Hydrostatic Pressure. Hydrostatic pressure occurs when expansive clay soil soaks up excess water and grows larger, inflicting a heavy force upon your basement walls. This can cause them to crack and even bow horizontally. In your beautiful Minnesota, North Dakota, or South Dakota home, this can be especially severe during heavy spring snowmelt or rain.  
  • Drought. Drought in North Dakota, South Dakota, or Minnesota can also cause basement wall cracks, as an extreme opposite to hydrostatic pressure. When clay experiences a drought, it shrinks in size. This leads to a lack of support for your foundation walls and can even produce air pockets. This causes uneven points of support and pressure, inevitably leading to your foundation sinking and your walls cracking.  
  • Construction Issues. Occasionally, you may run into issues with the way that the concrete walls were poured, or the way the concrete block walls in your basement were laid. If builders irregularly time the concrete pour, or if the block walls aren’t installed correctly, you could be dealing with basement walls that are prone to cracks, leaks, and even structural failure. Having a free expert opinion can help you figure out what the case is.  

Why do These Cracks Need to be Fixed? 


Cracks in your foundation walls leave your basement open for water intrusion. Many homeowners like yourself use basements for storing valuables, like tax documents, holiday decorations, and even family heirlooms. A small amount of water trailing in, or even worse, flooding your basement can ruin these precious items. Even if you don’t use your basement for storage and instead have it finished as a living space, leaking water can take a financial toll.  


Wall cracks not only allow water to trickle and pool in your basement but enable a humid environment as well. As this humidity and moisture are left to blister, mold will be an inevitable byproduct. You may start to spot musty smells coming from your basement; while it may seem normal to have in a basement, it’s potentially dangerous to your health. Even if you can’t visually spot mold out in the open, it can be hiding behind corners, and the airborne mold spores can travel throughout the rest of your home. Those in your home with allergies or asthma may also be affected.  

Structural Issues

With basement wall cracks, comes the implication of major structural issues that will need your attention. If you catch your basement walls bowing or buckling around the crack in your wall, you’ll need to take action. Foundation issues will only get worse, and not better over time. Otherwise, you risk structural failure which could include your wall caving in if the damage is bad enough. At Innovative Basement Authority, we do free foundation and basement inspections, so you can rule out this worst-case scenario without cost and without obligation.  

Here’s What Not to Do

Don’t … Settle for Exterior Basement Waterproofing

Exterior basement waterproofing is a strenuous and messy process with lots of flaws, if not done well. Drainage lines can get easily clogged, are hard to de-clog without excavation, and are probably the reason you’re dealing with wall cracks as-is. Interior basement waterproofing is the best way to target excess moisture at the source. Even so, drainage isn’t the only solution you’ll need if you have major wall cracks to fix.  

Don’t … Fill the Cracks and Call It a Day

While many online tutorials and home improvement blogs may convince you that filling in the cracks is all you need, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Basement wall cracks aren’t the same as filling in a small puncture in drywall. Basement wall cracks are typically caused by environmental factors out of your control and will need heavy-duty solutions that go beyond a cosmetic DIY.  

Here’s What Professionals Can Do from The Inside

Wall Anchors 

Wall anchors are an innovative structural repair solution that works by latching, or anchoring, onto stable soil close to your foundation to hold it upright. One side of the anchor is latched to your wall, and the other side extends beyond the loose “clay bowl” soil surrounding your home, and anchors onto the compacted soil further away to provide a more stable support system. Our team of experts can tighten these wall anchors to continue straightening your wall and strengthen the structure over time.

Wall Braces

Wall braces are a system of galvanized steel support beams placed on your foundation walls that are meant to straighten them out. The Innovative Basement Authority IntelliBrace™ is our superior foundation wall brace that’s meant to be a permanent solution for your basement. With IntelliBrace™, you can sleep easy at night knowing that there’s a support system working around the clock to maintain the integrity of your basement walls, from the inside. These aren’t just like regular, static I-beams either. IntelliBrace™ will continue working for you with our help. Innovative Basement Authority service technicians can continue to inspect and keep up with your wall braces, tightening them over time to repair and restore your wall.   

Carbon Fiber Wall Reinforcement

carbon fiber wall repair

Carbon fiber supports may not be made of metal, but they carry the same muscle as leading wall straightening and support systems out there. With carbon fiber wall reinforcement, you don’t have to worry about any large-scale excavation or even heavy-duty installation. Applied with an epoxy resin, a carbon fiber strap is cut to fit your basement wall and use tension to restore and maintain your foundation’s structural soundness. This can repair your wall cracks as well.  

Innovative Interior Solutions, Innovative Basement Authority

Basement cracks may seem like a normal hassle of having a basement, but they’re nothing to ignore. With Innovative Basement Authority, you can repair and restore your basement foundation walls from the inside, without worrying about messy and overwhelming excavation around your home.  

At Innovative Basement Authority, we’re happy to inspect your basement for free to determine the source of your basement wall crack and work with you to find the solution that best fits your unique home. We’ll also provide you with a completely transparent, no-obligation quote for repairs so you can make the best decision for you. Making your home a safer place is easy with Innovative Basement Authority. Get started with us today.  

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