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Have a Clogged Basement Drainage? Here’s What You Should Do

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maintain your interior drainage system

In many homes, interior drainage systems work in tandem with a sump pump to keep the basement dry. It collects water, then directs it to the sump pump, where it’s expelled outside. The main idea behind this system is that it prevents hydrostatic pressure from building up and driving water into the middle of the basement.

When this system blocks, your basement faces an imminent risk of flooding. Repairing a water-damaged basement could mean some downtime and a hefty service fee. This is not what you want. You should make it a priority to keep the drainage in good condition and deal with any underlying issues fast before they affect your basement.

Signs of a Defective Interior Drain

You won’t go for long without noticing a backup in your interior drainage system. In fact, a lot of the signs will manifest right there in the basement. Be ready to do a drain tile test to see if a replacement is due.

Some of the signs your drainage has problems include:

  • Slumped/curved basement floor
  • Leakage on the floor
  • Stains on the wall block
  • Mineral deposits in the sump crock
  • Water in the basement when it rains
  • Damp cracks

All these are telltale signs of drain blockage that can be caused if sediment builds up and clogs the discharge line. Since most of the factors are internal, you have to investigate them so you can pinpoint the exact problem. This is where a local basement contractor comes handy.

Cleaning Out the Interior Drainage System

The fastest way to clean out your drainage system is by snaking it with a plumber’s auger or drain snake. While this is a fairly simple DIY solution, it is not recommended on all types of interior drains. This is especially true if you had a waterproofing professional like Innovative Basement Authority install the BasementGutter™ system in your basement. DIY attempts like using a snake or auger could potentially damage the system and affect your warranty.

Cleaning the drain is a messy job, so it’s best to leave it to basement professionals with the requisite technical experience. Better still, sign up for an annual maintenance program that includes BasementGutter™ clean-outs and maintenance. This way, the technicians with Innovative Basement Authority can help clean and maintain the system they know well.

Ways to Avoid Basement Drain Clogging

Two things determine whether your basement drainage will flow or clog. First is the makeup, and second, the construction. When building, many people are tempted to go for the cheapest, but we forget that they’re invasive and messy.

We advise you to get a solid, clog-free and ingenious drainage system like BasementGutter™. The good thing is they don’t sit directly in the floor’s “mud zone,” but in a trench of gravel. They also don’t involve leaving gaps around your basement as traditional drainage systems do. Once set, your system will serve you for many years without backing up.

Don’t forget to protect your discharge line’s exterior counterpart from the cold winter. It’s usually the weakest link in the basement waterproofing chain. When it freezes, the discharge lines clog, and this will take a toll on your sump pump, making it work harder. Installing a perforated opening like the FreezeGuard™ attachment at the base of your discharge lines will ensure water gets out.

Basement Drain Repairs

If you’ve got a serious interior drainage problem on your hands, trust in the expertise of Innovative Basement Authority serving Fargo, ND. The expert team can open up the basement floor, remove the drain pipe if it’s physically damaged, clean any debris, replace it with a more efficient BasementGutter™ system, then backfill the opening with gravel before covering the floor.

Cleaning the interior drainage doesn’t make for an exciting DIY project. It’s always a messy and tricky affair. No amount of enthusiasm can prepare you for the difficult task ahead. So, don’t waste your time and money on a project that yields nothing.

Schedule a free basement drainage inspection and get a complimentary quote free. We’ll do all the hard work to ensure you have functional drainage in the shortest time possible.

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