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Sturdy and Stylish in Fargo, ND

IntelliBrace™ Beams Repair Walls and Add a Decorative Touch to Basements

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A home’s basement makes the perfect spot not only for storage, but also extra bedrooms, an entertainment area, and a fun man cave. Finishing a basement and adding comfortable furniture and state-of-the-art electronics is exciting and aesthetics are important. But what’s most important is for this area to be safe and structurally sound.

basement finished after intellibrace installation

Be a Vigilant Homeowner

During the time that they have lived in their house, homeowners in Fargo, ND, noticed one of the basement walls was bowing and seemed to be leaning and had various cracks. These issues only seemed to be getting worse the longer they put off addressing and repairing the problematic wall. Along with the possibility of the wall caving in, the homeowners were concerned with windows along that side of the house that would not open.

Like many people, one of the homeowners was a “do-it-yourselfer” interested in taking on repair projects on his own. But he saw the value of permanently repairing structural issues with the help of a professional.

Get Expert Help with Foundation Repairs

The homeowners started doing their research and sought estimates from various foundation repair companies serving Fargo, ND. One of them was Innovative Basement Authority. The homeowners were eager to meet with one of the company’s inspectors for a free repair estimate and to learn more about how they could better protect their home.

During his assessment of the 65-year-old home, the inspector from Innovative Basement Authority pointed out that two other foundation walls in the partially finished basement were showing signs of movement as well. While there are many reasons why foundation walls can suffer cracks and bowing, the most common cause is hydrostatic pressure from exterior soil and water.

The inspector recommended having several IntelliBrace™ beams installed on the problematic walls throughout the basement. The unique IntelliBrace™ Wall Repair System not only permanently stabilizes the walls where the beams are installed, but these braces can also help straighten and restore the walls back to their original positions over time.

Choose a Permanent Solution

After getting multiple estimates from repair contractors, the homeowners decided the solution from Innovative Basement Authority was the best choice. An installation crew then installed a total of 13 IntelliBrace™ beams in the Fargo, ND, basement – 5 on the north wall and 8 on the east wall.

Once each beam was cut to fit the length of the walls, they were then placed against the walls. Each is bolted to the floor and to a floor joist at the top of the walls. A large-diameter bolt at the top of each brace can be adjusted to help improve the condition of the walls where they are installed. The IntelliBrace™ Wall Repair System is minimally invasive, installed with minimal disturbance to the home’s interior, and it prevents any further cracking or bowing on the walls where it is installed. And, unlike typical, uncoated I-Beams, each IntelliBrace™ beam is constructed of high-grade galvanized steel that resists corrosion and rot.

IntelliBrace™: Unique in Many Ways

The homeowners were very pleased with the result of the IntelliBrace™ installation, as these braces helped straighten the bowing walls right away.

Not only is the IntelliBrace™ System unique in its installation and repair function, but also in its appearance. This struck the homeowners who were excited by the way the beams looked in their newly stabilized basement.

Many homeowners choose to use drywall or paneling to give their basements a more finished, pleasing appearance and to conceal any repairs. But not these homeowners in Fargo, ND! They really liked the way the exposed beams looked, so they finished their basement around them, giving the space a bit of an industrial feel that is popular home construction and décor.

These homeowners have proved that home repairs aren’t just about function and protection, but appearance and style, as well!

For help with foundation repairs, contact Innovative Basement Authority for a free inspection and quote today!

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