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IntelliBraces Are a Smart Foundation Repair Solution

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Team Innovative recently helped a Center, ND homeowner finish a foundation repair project involving foundation walls bowing 3” inward. Worried the problem would grow over time, the homeowner called Innovative to help her deal with the foundation problem.

Luckily, Innovative offers many services to homeowners with homes in need of foundation repair. Our experienced foundation repair experts have been trained to recommend and install a homeowner’s best option based on his or her individual needs. Of Innovative’s foundation repair choices – piering, wall anchors, and wall bracing – our IntelliBrace foundation repair system is a great option for many homeowners. But who is the best fit for the IntelliBrace system, and what does it do?

Who are the best candidates for the IntelliBrace system?
Homeowners who have noticed bowing or buckling of their foundation walls are those who are in most need of Innovative’s foundation repair services. However, there are other things to consider as well.

Innovative’s IntelliBrace system is recommended by our experts when property lines make installing anchors impossible. Our Wall Anchors require access to the soil outside of the foundation, which may not be accessible if the foundation lies close to property lines. The IntelliBrace system is installed inside the foundation wall, requiring no excavation and maintaining property line restrictions.

What does the IntelliBrace system do?
The IntelliBrace system stabilizes and straightens bowing and buckling foundation walls over time. Innovative’s team of foundation repair experts will install our durable i-beams to stabilize your basement walls. The beams are secured to the floor and attached to brackets installed onto floor joists to ensure the stabilization of your walls. Over time, the i-beams can be tightened to straighten your walls and bring them back to their original positions.

Not only that, but IntelliBrace is as non-intrusive as possible. Because they are installed inside the basement wall, they require no excavation. The braces are also neat in appearance, with little disruption of basement space. Because they are zinc-coated, they will remain clean and rust-free well into the future.

What can you do?
The Center, ND homeowner who called Innovative to deal with her bowing foundation walls is happy with the IntelliBrace system installed to stabilize her foundation walls. Having called before the problem became more complicated, her foundation is well on its way to being back to its original position.

Bowing and buckling are extremely common, especially during drought conditions like the ones North Dakota and Minnesota continue to experience. The key to dealing with the problem is to address it as soon as you notice it. If you have a foundation in need of repair, either using IntelliBrace or one of our other effective solutions, call Innovative or fill out our online form.

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