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IntelliBrace: A Simple Solution to Bowing Basement Walls

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IntelliBrace: A Simple Solution to Bowing Basement Walls

Luckily, Innovative Basement Authority is no stranger to complex foundation problems. We’ve dealt with enough bowing and crumbling foundation walls – and their owners – to understand that it can be an overwhelming time for many homeowners. But we also believe that it doesn’t have to be. Our goal is to complete each job as quickly as possible so that homeowners can go back to enjoying their homes worry-free. And we’ve got just the solution for bowing basement walls: IntelliBrace.

So, why use IntelliBrace over a different stabilization method?

IntelliBrace is Long-Lasting.
IntelliBrace is a system of support beams that extend the height of your basement walls to prevent further bowing and – over time – straighten the walls. The beams are made of strong, zinc-coated materials that will resist rust over time. They’re secured in your basement floor and attached to brackets on your overhead floor joists and can be tightened over time so that you won’t have to worry about your foundation anymore.

IntelliBrace is Convenient.
When our installers come to put the IntelliBrace system in your basement, you’ll be surprised at how quickly the system is installed. Not only that, but because no excavation is needed, it’s the perfect solution for homeowners concerned with crossing the property line – or those who need a solution when the ground is too frozen to excavate. No other solution is as fast, effective, and worry-free as IntelliBrace.

IntelliBrace is Non-Obtrusive.
When you install the IntelliBrace system, you’ll be able to continue using your basement as if they’re not even there. They’ll be installed close to your basement walls, so you’ll still have plenty of room to move around, pile up storage, or convert the space to a finished basement!

After all the stress and worry most homeowners go through when they’re trying to choose the right solution and the best contractor, IntelliBrace really is the best solution for homeowners who want a simple, fast, effective solution.If you’re ready to put your worries to rest, call us today at to schedule a free estimate with one of our foundation repair experts!

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