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What Does it Cost to Clean a Crawl Space in Rush City, MN?

Have a dirty, moldy, and smelly crawl space? Find out the cost to clean a crawl space so you can budget for the next clean-up exercise.

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A lot of homeowners don’t visit their crawl space. When they do, it’s because something is wrong. It could be the indoor air is becoming unbreathable, floors are getting colder, and pests are taking over their homes. By the time they’re getting a professional to clean, things have already gotten out of hand. And they don’t know how much they’ll spend on the clean-up.

We wouldn’t want you to be caught off guard or start scouring the web for a breakdown of the costs. We’ll share with you handy information so you can plan for your crawl space clean-up properly.

Crawl Space Cleaning Costs in Rush City

Before we look at the specific cleaning activities, it’s important to say this upfront. Clean-up costs will depend on the size of your crawl space and its condition. The bigger it is, the more hours the cleaners will require to clear out, clean, and sanitize the entire space. The same holds true if your basement is more dirt or debris-filled.

With that out of the way, we can now look at the specific cleaning activities and their respective costs starting with basic cleaning. Here, the contractor will remove droppings, stagnant water, debris, and torn insulation material from the crawl space. For this, they can charge anywhere between $1,000 and $3,000. Again, these are very conservative estimates; it could be higher if the crawl space is in a bad state.

If the space is humid, chances are mold will have taken over by the time you’re cleaning it. Mold infestation is a serious problem. You will have to get mold professionals to remediate this place. They will isolate the crawl space, clean up any mold growth, then apply the necessary mold eradication treatment to stop re-infestation.

Likewise, they will remove any fungi and apply fungal treatment to the affected place. Both mold and fungi removal and treatment can cost you $2,000 to $6,000, combined. It’s best if you use one professional to carry out both activities so you can save some cash.

Have pests in your crawl space? You have to deal with them as well. Pest eradication involves the use of pesticides. The pest removal professional will destroy any nesting area and fumigate the crawl space with deadly pesticides. On the lower side, it may cost you roughly $700 to $1,000.

If the crawl space is vented or has openings, you’ll have to seal them to lock out external air and make it more difficult for pests and termites to get inside. The same goes for cracks or loose seals on your crawl space door. Set aside at least $2,000 for sealing cracks and the vents.

Once the crawl space has been cleaned, you have to seal it with a plastic vapor barrier. It’s the only way to beat outside air, moisture, and water, as well as make the environment less hospitable for pests. Encapsulation can cost you upwards of $10,000. Costly as it may seem, it will protect your crawl space and eliminate the need for routine clean-ups and maintenance.

As part of crawl space repairs, you may have to replace rotten wood joints, unclog drains, add new insulation, or level a sinking floor. Budget for these expenses as well. Remember to set aside an extra $2,000 to $4,000 to cover additional costs.

Note: The figures we have shared are conservative estimates. The actual costs could be higher. Once you talk to your local basement contractor, you will get fairly accurate estimates.

How Long Does It Take to Clean this Space?

Again, this depends on the size of your crawl space and its conditions. A cleaner and well-maintained crawl space is much easier to clean. So the cleaners are likely to spend a few hours mopping up the place. But if it’s in poor condition or needs repairs, you’ll have to fix it first before cleaning starts. And this could mean adding a few days to your cleaning timeline. When looking for a cleaner, ask them to assess the crawl space first so they can give you a reasonable timeline.

Ways to Save Money When Cleaning

When you’re so eager to have the crawl space cleaned, you may care less about how much you’re going to spend only to realize the cost is ballooning as days go by.

clean your crawl space today
  • Clean and repair the crawl space the same day or time, if possible.
  • Get a professional who does both cleaning and repair services.
  • Budget for cleaning and save money for any repair works.
  • Shop around for quotes and get the opinion of 2-3 contractors.
  • Ask for product and material recommendations from the basement contractor.

Why Hire a Professional Crawl Space Cleaner

As much as you’d like to clean up the crawl space yourself, it’s best if you let professionals handle the cleaning bit. Your enthusiasm to clean this space may not match your skills. After two hours of cleaning, you may give up. Eventually, you will still hire a contractor. The other reason is the crawl space is often dusty, moldy, and smelly. Without protective gear, every minute spent cleaning will be an agonizing experience. Don’t put your safety and health on the line just because you want to save a hundred bucks.

Have a damp or dirty crawl space in Rush City, MN, but don’t know what to do. Schedule a free crawl space inspection and get solid recommendations to clean up and fix any issues affecting this space.

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