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Looking For A Way to Protect Your Crawl Space From Water? Try CrawlDrain

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Basements aren’t the only part of the home prone to flooding. Crawl spaces can also have moisture problems, which often lead to many of the same issues that basements experience. Problems such as mold, mites, and musty smells can make your crawl space a headache to deal with and make your home a lot less comfortable to live in.

But for homeowners desperate to dry up their crawl space once and for all, there is a solution: CrawlDrain. CrawlDrain is the first drainage system made specifically for crawl spaces. Here is everything you need to know about CrawlDrain drainage system:

CrawlDrain Is Installed Quickly
If you’re a homeowners who has had a crawl space water problem for years, you may be expecting a solution that takes a long time to be installed and start working. CrawlDrain isn’t that solution. Usually, it only takes one day for CrawlDrain to be installed, and once installed it will start ridding your crawl space of moisture immediately.

CrawlDrain Is Effective
At Innovative Basement Authority, we wouldn’t use a product unless it did its job correctly. CrawlDrain is installed along the perimeter of the space to collect water from the walls as well as from the soil, which it then directs to the pump. When you use CrawlDrain along with our CrawlSeal vapor barrier and sump pump, your crawl space will be equipped with a fool-proof system of eliminating water. Because your home will no longer be vulnerable to the mold, mites, and structural damage that come along with a water problem, you’ll finally be able to cast your crawl space worries aside.

CrawlDrain Is Clog-Resistant
It’s easy for systems that aren’t created specifically for crawl spaces to clog. This is because dirt and other materials from the crawl space get into the drain and cause blockage, making any water back up into the crawl space. CrawlDrain, on the other hand, includes special filters that make it impossible for anything but water to enter the pipe. The system was made specifically with crawl spaces in mind, so you’re getting exactly what your crawl space needs to ensure that its water problem is taken care of.

CrawlDrain Is A Lasting Solution

Because CrawlDrain was made specifically for crawl spaces, you can rest assured that when it is installed in your crawl space, it is a permanent solution. CrawlDrain — along with all of our crawl space products — is made of durable inorganic materials that won’t rot or wear away with time. It truly is the best solution for crawl spaces with water problems.

Does your crawl space have issues with moisture or flooding? Innovative Basement Authority works on crawl spaces and basements across Minnesota and North Dakota, and we are confident that CrawlDrain is just the thing you need. Call us today to schedule a free estimate with one of our crawl space experts.

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