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The 5 Best Things About CrawlSeal Vapor Barrier

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In the spring, many homeowners dealing with basement flooding caused by melting snow set their sights on the basement floor, where the flood waters begin to rise. But often the basement walls are a big part of the problem as well. With water pouring in through the cracks and gaps in the foundation, it’s important to make sure your entire basement – not just the floor – is protected. 

That’s where CrawlSeal comes in. CrawlSeal is a basement and crawl space vapor barrier specifically designed to keep your basement walls – and your entire home – moisture and mold free, even if you live somewhere known for yearly spring flooding. Here are the 5 things you need to know about CrawlSeal:

1.  CrawlSeal is 100% waterproof.

It wouldn’t make sense to install a material in your basement unless it was made for spaces that may have moisture issues. Even if you’ve never experienced a flood, basements are always going to be vulnerable to moisture. Foundations age, cracks form, and water finds its way in. Unfortunately, it’s all-too-common for homeowners to leave their basement unprotected against moisture, leading to major problems with mold down the line. But when you install CrawlSeal, you won’t have to worry again!

2. CrawlSeal prevents mold.
Not only does the CrawlSeal vapor barrier system prevent moisture and humidity from entering your basement, it also prevents the spread of mold. The waterproof materials is coated in an anti-microbial protection that will protect your home from mold. Mold damages your home’s structural integrity, causes expensive property damage, and makes your air less safe to breathe. Why not protect your basement using CrawlSeal?

3. CrawlSeal stays in place.
We’ve seen all kinds of answers to basement moisture problems, but CrawlSeal vapor barrier is the only true solution. Unlike paint, drywall, paneling, or any other basement wall system you can think of, CrawlSeal will stay in place over the long haul. It won’t chip, flake, or rot away and leave you vulnerable from the dangers of basement moisture. Instead, it will totally cover your wall – even if it’s uneven – and direct moisture to your basement’s drainage system.

4. CrawlSeal is easily installed.
Those other basement wall systems we mentioned before – paint and sealants, drywall, and paneling – take far longer than CrawlSeal to install. Often, you’ll end up spending hours or even days rolling on multiple coats or making precise cuts. But CrawlSeal can be installed in a single day. Your install team will be in and out within hours, and your basement will be ready to stand up against moisture.

5. CrawlSeal comes with a 25-year warranty.
CrawlSeal is a durable and effective product. In fact, it’s so durable and effective that we offer each homeowner who installs CrawlSeal vapor barrier a 25-year warranty for their system!

Are you ready to learn more about CrawlSeal vapor barrier? Call us! Innovative Basement Authority waterproofs basements and crawl spaces across Minnesota and North Dakota. If you’re ready to finally take care of your wet basement once and for all, give us a call at 320-515-2200 to schedule a free estimate with a basement waterproofing expert.

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