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5 Areas PolyRenewal™ can Fix

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If you haven’t heard or seen by now, you should know that the PolyRenewal concrete lifting solution is awesome! Not just because of all the different areas it can fix, but also because its environmentally-friendly, adjustable and strong. However, the areas PolyRenewal can fix are pretty great!

1. Basement and Warehouse Floors –

Because PolyRenewal doesn’t require large equipment, it can easily raise sinking basement and warehouse floors conveniently and effectively.

2. Airport Runways –

We’ve all driven on bumpy, uneven roads, and know how uncomfortable the drive can be. Now, imagine being a pilot of an airplane going over 100mph hitting bumps on an uneven runway – not the safest! PolyRenewal is a great option to quickly repair those dangerous bumps.

3. Roadways and Highways –

Speaking of driving on uncomfortable roads, PolyRenewal can fix those too! Not to mention, it’s a lot quicker than having to tear up a whole road!

4. Sidewalks –

This one is common but think, how many times have you been out walking, running or biking and have come across a sunken area of the sidewalk where you had to step up just to continue on your way? Many, I’m sure! PolyRenewal can quickly and easily fix this issue!

5. Parking Lots –

Have you ever taken your cart of groceries to your car and on the way the ground is so uneven and bumpy it makes your cart rattle so loud you can’t think clearly? PolyRenewal can ease your ears!

These five areas are only a few of the places PolyRenewal can repair. If you have sinking concrete at your home or business, contact Innovative for a free, no obligation quote.

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