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Weather Can Damage Your Waterproofing Measures

Not all waterproofing measures are a guarantee against all weather conditions. Here are some signs of damage you should watch out for.

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When you take the time to waterproof your basement and foundation, it’s easy to think that you need never worry about dampness again. However, severe weather could be more than your home could handle. Learning to recognize the signs that your waterproofing measures are failing is all-important if you intend to keep your home dry and safe through the harsh winters in St. Cloud, MN. 

What Can Damage Home Waterproofing Measures? 

There are a number of things that can cause damage to your home’s waterproofing measures, from general wear and tear on appliances like dehumidifiers to extreme weather causing damage to your property’s structure. The most common causes of damage to home waterproofing measures are: 


Soil erosion in your yard as a result of extreme weather conditions and heavy rainfall can be damaging to your yard-based waterproofing measures as well as your property foundation. As the soil wears away, it will become more and more exposed to the elements. Plus, erosion can alter the grading or slope of your yard, allowing pockets of standing water to form. In the worst-case scenario, water could pool around your foundation. 

Excess Hydrostatic Pressure 

Extreme weather can alter the level of hydrostatic pressure in the soil. When there is too much hydrostatic pressure, your property walls and foundation can struggle to cope and may crack, shift, crumble, or bow as a result. When this happens, your waterproofing measures can also be damaged or otherwise rendered unable to cope with the level of moisture and dampness entering your home. 

Frost Heave 

Repeated freezing and thawing causes the soil to shift and heave. This is usually no problem, but when this happens under your home, your foundation and basement floor can begin to shift and bulge upward. Eventually, they will crack and let water into your home. 

If you have poured concrete walls that have not been treated to improve water resistance, you could also find yourself dealing with water intrusion. Any of these occurrences could end with you having water in your basement and a need to repair and reinforce your waterproofing measures. 

Signs of Damage to Your Waterproofing Measures 

Some damage is very obvious and easy to spot, while other red flags may be more subtle. These are the most common signs you have damage in your basement that requires professional attention. If you see any of these, please do not hesitate to contact the team at Innovative Basement Authority. 

We offer free inspection appointments with a same-day written quote and no obligation to book repairs. 

Increased Humidity 

An increase in humidity levels within your home is one of the strongest signs of damage and dampness that is otherwise hidden. Increased humidity can also affect your energy bills as it will make your HVAC system work harder to heat and cool your home. 


Condensation on the walls of your basement is a huge sign that you have problems with dampness that are quickly advancing. Condensation occurs when you reach 100% relative humidity, so if you can’t see a leak anywhere, it’s time to start investigating. 


Small cracks can occur as a part of the natural settling of a house, but these tend to be static and will not spread once the house has finished settling. If you see large cracks or cracks that seem to grow over time, this is a sign of foundation issues. 

Exposed Foundation 

When the soil in your yard begins to wash away, you could start to see parts of your foundation. This is a big red flag that should prompt you to investigate the health of your yard and foundation. 

Pooling or Standing Water 

Pools of water or a layer of standing water in your basement are very obvious red flags. If the water is restricted to or more severe in one area, it is likely that the issue is located in or around that area. 

When you see these red flags you should schedule an inspection with Innovative Basement Authority. 

Our team will complete a thorough evaluation quickly and efficiently before suggesting a solution tailored to your needs. Some of these solutions include interior drainage, sump pumps, dehumidifiers, and foundation reinforcements like piers or carbon fiber supports. Contact us today for trusted solutions to protect your home.

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