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How to Protect Your Basement Stairs from Moisture

Have a basement leaking problem? We can help you completely protect your basement and its features like the stairway.

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If you have a house in Minneapolis, MN, the occasional flooding is cause for worry. It’s not just the furniture damage you have to worry about, but also your basement floors and stairs. Moisture in your basement stairs can cause mold and mildew, not to mention the risk of slipping on a wet stairway. 

The rainy season could also cause moisture leak in your basement from rainwater and groundwater seeping through your foundation walls, roof, and basement windows, among other places. Get your foundation sealed today by a reliable foundation repair contractor and save expensive repair costs. 

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Getting Started 

The first step in getting rid of moisture in your basement is to ensure rainwater from your roof flows away from your walls or foundation. A series of well-connected and non-leaking gutters will come in handy in collecting and channeling water from the roof. The gutters should direct the roof water to drain pipes at different parts of the house. Don’t forget the downspouts. Make sure these pipes direct water away from the foundation or walls by about four feet. 

Besides the gutters and downspouts, also think about the grading of your yard. If the soil around your house slopes toward your basement, there’s a high chance you’ll experience foundation leaks. A landscaping professional is key in getting the slope away from your house. Trim your hedges and the bushes around your house to enhance drainage. 

Doors and Windows 

Most people overlook their doors and windows when sealing off their basement stairs. Left unsealed, these two fixtures can encourage basement moisture and leaks. Caulking is one the most inexpensive ways to seal your doors, windows, piping, roof flashing, and vents out there. 

Dealing with cracks 

Nearly every building has a few cracks due to different causes. Some cracks are serious, while others are natural as a result of settlement or curing. If you have some cracks around your foundation walls or floors, ask your basement contractor to inspect them. These cracks could be the reason your Minneapolis, MN, basement stairs have some problems. Your foundation repair expert will assess the severity of your foundation cracks and recommend the right solution best suited for your repair needs. 

Sump pumps and dehumidifiers 

With regular flooding, it is hard to control water flow into your basement. The best way to make sure your basement isn’t fully flooded is to install a sump pump. A sump pump will remove any water that collects and overwhelms the basement area. For humid basements, a dehumidifier works great. This device dries out the air, removing any lingering moisture. Talk to your local contractor if you need help with the sizing. They know what type of sump pump or dehumidifier suits your home. 

Install a hatchway door system 

Some homeowners worry about the possibility of water flowing right into the basement via the hatchway if they have an exterior access to the basement. The best way to counter this problem is to install a drainage pipe system. Our system is a half-round pipe with a grated top opening that collects floodwaters. It’s flush with the rest of the concrete for a clean look. Any water that passes over the drain is collected and channeled to the sump pump, which ejects it. 

Waterproofing the staircase 

The last and probably the best option for your basement stairs is waterproofing. Basement staircases are made of various different materials such as wood and concrete. Find out what waterproofing solution works for your basement staircase to avoid rot or mold buildup. 

There are a lot of sealing solutions that protect your wooden staircase from water and moisture. Wood rot or mold in wooden staircases may require full replacement to maintain the structural integrity of the stairs. Regular cleaning of the basement stairs with disinfectant will ensure your surfaces remain free from mold and mildew. 

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Say goodbye to rotten or mold-infested basement floors, walls, and stairs, and have your basement waterproofed by a highly specialized team from Innovative Basement Authority. Get your free basement waterproofing inspection and quote today!

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