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First off, Happy First Day of Fall!

It’s such a beautiful time of year in Minnesota and North Dakota. Hopefully you’re not too busy with your fall checklist to stop and enjoy the scenery. However, as the temperatures begin to cool, you should know you’re time is limited for increasing value to your home! How? By adding an extra bedroom, legally. You can simply do this by adding an egress window to your basement room! According to Popular Mechanics magazine, “with an extra legal bedroom, you could recover 10 to 20 times your window installation costs when you eventually sell your home.” If you’re thinking of selling your home, being able to list it with an extra bedroom can increase your home’s value significantly.

Egress windows improve your home’s value for cheap but, if you’re extremely determined to increase your home’s value by a lot, you should consider finishing the basement. When listing a home on the market, typically basements (finished or not) aren’t included in the total square footage. There are certain circumstances where they can be but most times they aren’t listed. However, having a finished basement will drastically increase your home’s total value.

If you’re interested in getting free estimates for egress windows or basement finishing, contact us today!

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