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9 Things to Consider When Hiring a Basement Waterproofing Contractor

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When the basement gets damp or develops cracks, most people turn to basement waterproofing contractors. These professionals carry out inspections, make recommendations, and apply the best fix. A vibrant city like Fargo, ND, has many contractors. Who do you hire, the first name that shows up in Google Search?

Choosing the right basement waterproofing contractor could mean the difference between successful basement repairs and losing money on a project gone wrong. Do your due diligence before selecting a contractor. In this post, we’ll show you what to look for whenever choosing a contractor so you can hire the right company for the job.

1) Insurance

Before a basement repair job, check the type of insurance the contractor has. Basement waterproofing contractors should ideally have these three:

  • Personal liability — protects the employees if they suffer injuries while working on your property
  • Worker’s compensation — covers medical treatment and lost wages
  • Property damage coverage — covers any physical damage to your neighbor’s property due to ongoing basement repairs

Request copies of insurance certificates and ensure they are current. Otherwise, you might be held liable for damages and injuries on your property.

2) Experience

When it comes to repairing basements or waterproofing them, experience has no substitute. Hire competent professionals and they’ll do a fantastic job quickly and professionally. Choose an inexperienced team, and you’ll end up with a less-than-perfect repair or waterproofing job. You want to be sure the contractor has the requisite skills, knowledge, and understanding of basement waterproofing techniques and systems.

3) Licensing

Another important aspect is licensing. Find out whether the contractors have a valid license and what their license allows them to do. Anyone who shows you licensing is telling you they’re not just qualified to perform waterproofing repairs, but they meet all the local codes. This way, your investment is in safe hands.

4) Warranties

You’ve spent money to waterproof and repair the basement, and you want the assurance that if a problem arises because of the contractor’s mistake, you won’t pay for it out of pocket. Most contractors offer material and labor warranties to their customers. Warranties will protect you from financial loss. If something happens before the warranty lapses, you’ll call the contractor and they’ll fix the issue without charging a dime.

5) Communication

A lot of projects stall or fail because the contractor doesn’t set expectations or fails to communicate clearly. You want to be sure the contractor answers calls and responds to inquiry emails fast. This way, you’ll get answers you need and make timely decisions at every step of the project. You’ll also avoid misunderstandings and disagreements. Any contractor who doesn’t communicate clearly or downplays issues is one to avoid.

6) Basement quotes

Once a contractor inspects your basement, you’d expect them to supply you with a free quote. Take time to understand the quote before you make a move. As well as highlighting the moisture issues, the quote will include the necessary remedial measures to fix the problem, the price estimate, necessary materials and the expected completion date. A written quote could help you get money to finance the waterproofing project or file a claim with your home insurer.

7) Scheduling

Timelines are very important in basement waterproofing. No one wants to wait several days or weeks to have their leaky basement repaired. This coupled with inconsistent work schedules could inconvenience your family a lot. When shopping around for a contractor, find out how fast they can perform repairs, and whether or not they can work around your schedule. Some situations may require excavation, meaning prolonged downtime. Even so, you should get a reasonable timeline so you can plan your activities.

8) Contracts

Get everything in writing even if the state doesn’t require a written agreement. The contract should include the who, what, when, where, and the project cost. The contract should indicate the project start and completion date, payment schedule, how changes orders are handled, the contractor’s obligations, limitations, list of materials and their specifications, and information about warranties and workmanship.

Ask for a clause that requires the contractor to handle the cleanup work. And most importantly, get a written statement that guarantees you the right to cancel the contract within three business days if you signed it at a location other than the contractor’s premises.

9) Customer Reviews

While some people take online reviews with a grain of salt, a lot of them paint an accurate picture of who you’re about to deal with. Check the contractor’s profiles on Yelp, Facebook, and local directories. This way, you know whether the basement waterproofing contractor is a professional or a bad apple.

If you’re looking for a trustworthy and experienced basement waterproofing contractor in Fargo, ND, you won’t go wrong with Innovative Basement Authority. We have been waterproofing homes for more than a decade, and we understand the challenges homeowners face. We provide free basement waterproofing inspections and quotes, so you get to know what ails your basement, how to fix it, and the costs.

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