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Ask a Realtor – Melissa Mozley, Park Company

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Question:  I am thinking about selling my home.  We’ve had water seepage issues in the past and have some bowing walls.  What would you recommend we do prior to putting our home on the market?

Melissa Mozley:  I would recommend that these items are fixed prior to marketing the home. When someone sells their home, the owner fills out the Property Condition Disclosure Statement which discloses material facts know about the property. If an owner has seepage issues but fails to correct the problem, which could deter a buyer from the home. If you have bowing walls, I recommend these to be fixed prior to selling as well. In order for a buyer to secure an FHA or VA loan (two very common mortgage loans), an appraisal must be done. During this process, the appraiser will look for safety hazards in the home and will require the seller to fix prior to allowing the buyer to close on that loan (known as lender commitment work orders). Bowing walls can also be detected by a home inspector which buyers often hire before moving forward with their offer. Having the problem solved beforehand will increase the likelihood of selling their home, especially to a VA or FHA-approved buyer. If the seller is unable to make the repairs, a professional report/bid should be provided for conventional loan or cash buyers so they know what to expect if they purchase the home.

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