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Are Basement Seals Really Dependable in Fixing Cracks?

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Think about the last time the basement of your Rush City, MN, home leaked. You flipped through home improvement shows on YouTube, barreled down to the nearest hardware store, bought basement wall paint, and walked out briskly knowing you’re going to banish the leaks on your basement walls for good. Sound familiar?

When cracks start forming on basement walls and floors, it’s easy to fall for overhyped solutions like basement paint. A lot of people think easy to use solutions can stop their basement leaks for good. The ugly truth is, they won’t. It doesn’t help that many TV shows tout them as the “ultimate fix” for leaky basements.

Are Basement Sealants Really Effective?

Wall paints and other sealants are only good as their last application. They won’t hold out water for long, especially if moisture or water keeps attacking the basement. Once they weaken, they’ll create channels right through the sealants, fostering leaks on your new repair. Other temporary solutions like drilling and epoxy don’t fare any better as they have a hit-and-miss element. And though the success rates are high, it’s almost impossible for them to be 100% effective. Where a crack has been injected before and the initial injection cracks, it’s difficult to pinpoint the same spot to re-inject. What’s worse is the rest of the DIY repair is now a solid mass, so the sealant can’t flow through it.

What’s The Best Solution For a Leaky Basement?

Scenarios can differ from home to home, so what works for one person may not necessarily work for another. To create a clean, dry, odor-free basement in Rush City, MN, you’ll need a complete basement waterproofing system. A number of solutions are available, including interior basement drainage system, sump pump, dehumidifier, crack repairs, and CrawlSeal®, a 100% waterproof vapor barrier that’s ideal for unfinished basement walls.

Though you may be able to identify the source of leaks, you may not know how best to deal with underlying issues to stop further seepage. This is where professional waterproofing contractors come in. When you contact them, they will do a visual inspection to know what you’re up against and how best to fix it.

It’s worth mentioning that there’s more to waterproofing a basement than applying sealants on cracks or applying wall paint to your basement walls. You have to determine the type of cracks, root cause, how they affect your home, and the best way to fix them.

Why Hire a Professional Basement Repair Contractor

Some of the reasons you should work with basement experts in Rush City, MN, instead of taking the DIY route include:

Skill: Basement technicians and installers undergo extensive training on how to seal basements, and they use industry-approved solutions that are both safe and durable.

Experience:  When a technician from an established basement waterproofing company goes to work, they bring with them not only their personal experience but that of the entire company. They’ve repaired thousands of cracks and leaks, so they know how to deal with different issues.

Materials: Although you can get sealants and other basement and crack repair materials online or from a home improvement store near you, how sure are you it’s the best? Usually, a professional waterproofing company has access to top-of-the-line products and materials that are tried and true, so they know which ones do a great job.

Quality of workmanship: You’ve probably watched a dozen DIY videos, but that’s no match to the finesse waterproofing technicians bring to the table. What’s more is that they use industry-leading equipment as well as safe materials, meaning they can guarantee you get the best outcome.

Warranty: Most basement waterproofing companies back their repairs with lifetime warranties against further vapor infiltration. That’s to say they will be responsible for fixing cracks if your basement ever leaks again. But what happens if you fix a crack on your own and it leaks again? You may have to incur extra costs to reseal the cracks.

While DIY might help you slash the initial costs of waterproofing the basement and provide you temporary relief, it may cause you problems a few months down the road. The ugly truth is that sealants mask the problem instead of resolving it. And then there’s the issue of poor application because of inexperience and the unique challenges of your property. All these factors can lead to low-quality outcomes, which may force you to seek professional help.

Don’t let basement cracks and moisture issues detract you or rob you of valuable family time and peace of mind. Schedule a free basement repair inspection and find answers plus lasting solutions to water leakage.

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