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5 Things That Can Make Your Basement Wet in Summer

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If you live in Rush City, MN, you already know what summer weather is like. Days are typically hot and humid. Soaring temperatures can make the basement feel like a dungeon. But there’s an even bigger problem, and that’s moisture. Water can get in through different places. You need to know what these areas are so you can fix them. 

1) Clogged Gutters

Your gutters and downspouts are supposed to channel water from your roof to the external drains safely, but these systems fail sometimes. Gunk, leaves, dirt, and twigs can block them. If this happens during rainy weather, water will spill from the sides of the gutter. It will collect on the perimeter of your home before leaching into the soil and through the basement walls. This shouldn’t be the case.

Check your gutters and clean them. If they are old or damaged, replace them with clog-free gutters with leaf guards. Make sure the downspouts extend a couple of feet from your perimeter and are all angled down properly.

2) Summer Humidity

Basement humidity levels go hand in hand with prevailing temperatures. As the temperatures begin to rise, the humidity often does as well. Make sure no outside air gets into the basement. When the temperatures soar, some people open their basement windows to air out the interior. That’s a big mistake.

Opening the basement window drives up humidity and this can make the basement humid. The outdoor air is mostly warm and humid. When this air comes into contact with cool surfaces, it condenses.

Try to keep the humidity levels between 30% and 50%. A dehumidifier will come handy. It will dry out the air in your basement. Get an energy-efficient unit with an air filter to remove dust particles.

3) Moisture Close to Your Foundation

Sometimes, people assume summer rains won’t cause basement problems. The truth is that Rush City, MN, gets its fair share of summer rains. An above-average amount is all it takes to dampen the basement. This water can leach into the soil and get into the foundation through cracks. If you can maintain a healthy foundation, you’ll have done half the job of keeping the basement dry.

4) Leaking Window Wells

Together with worn caulking, leaky window wells are the other vector that introduce water into your basement. Look for dampness around the window, mold, and water puddles under it. The best solution is to set the wells properly. Fill the excavation around the basement with one-inch round pebbles and cover the ground. These are simple but cost-effective solutions.

5) Poor Grading

Does yard grading contribute to summer leaks? The answer is yes, it does. Poor grading means water won’t flow out and away as expected. It will pool and leach into the soil, ending up in the foundation. Do a spot check of your home and the surrounding soil.

If you are building a home, ensure there is proper grading of the backfill. Builders recommend that the backfill has a 5% minimum grading and slopes six inches for the first 10 feet surrounding your walls.

Tips for a Dry Basement

  • Leave the basement windows shut even when the temperatures are high. 
  • Insulate your basement to prevent moisture and warm outside air from seeping through cracks, gaps, pipes, and vents
  • Position sprinklers strategically so their water won’t splash against your untreated basement walls. 
  • Examine your windows for potential leaks and seal them. 
  • If adding a deck or patio, ensure they don’t interfere with your basement waterproofing.

If you are struggling to control basement humidity in the summer or just need to waterproof the basement to keep it dry, get in touch with the experts at Innovative Basement Authority. We’re happy to provide you with a free basement waterproofing inspection and quote as well as recommendations that’ll keep your basement dry and mold-free all year round.

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