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4 Frightening Facts of a Non-Waterproofed Basement

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When a powerful storm rolls through the area, pictures of trees down, hail and flooding fills social media. The damages can be stunning! However, what about the damages a non-waterproofed basement can cause to your home?

Window and door damages

Effects more than the basement: Having a non-waterproofed basement doesn’t just effect that area alone, it also effects the rest of your home. Water issues can cause doors and windows to stick and swell, damp carpets, and buckling hardwood floors!

Mold! Mold! Mold!: It’s no surprise that a wet basement causes mold growth but did you know, that air is breathed in throughout your entire home? So if your basement has mold, you’re breathing in that moldy air! This is due to the “stack effect.” This can then cause aggravated asthma and allergies.

Jacks up heating & cooling bills: How on earth can a non-waterproofed basement effect your heating/cooling bills? It’s as simple as damp air taking more energy to cool and heat.


It’ll cost you big time: Besides the damage in the basement, you’ll also find that your roof sheathing and shingles have a decreased life span. And if that’s not bad enough, the paint on the outside of your home has a decreased life span as well!

The facts are frightening but you’ll be happy to know that you only have to fix one thing to fix all of these other problems – basement waterproofing!

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