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3 Common Reasons for Basement Waterproofing Delays

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When you have a problem basement — one that’s damp or moldy or prone to flooding — it’s easy to take one look at it and get discouraged. This is especially true when the problem is particularly bad. But the thing is, even if it’s already too late to catch the issue before it begins, it’s never too late to finally get it under control.

At Innovative Basement Authority, we’ve noticed that most homeowners who put off dealing with their wet basement typically do so for one of three reasons. Here are the three most common reasons for delays in basement waterproofing projects:

1. You’re Feeling Overwhelmed

A lot of people become overwhelmed by their wet or flooded basement — so overwhelmed that they find themselves unable to do anything about it. Unfortunately, this attitude is all too common for many homeowners across Minnesota and North Dakota who live in areas prone to flooding.

The thing is, getting started is the hardest part. Coming up with a plan that makes sense for your home and your budget takes time, but it’s easier when you work with an experienced waterproofing contractor like Innovative Basement Authority. We can help you create a plan and move on to the next step: implementing the plan using materials that will stand up to water for years to come. All it takes is a phone call to stop the basement-related stress and continue enjoying your home.

2. You Don’t Have Enough Knowledge

Maybe you think nothing can save your basement, or maybe you think you just can’t afford to. Neither of these reasons is true, and they’re evidence of a homeowner who doesn’t have enough knowledge of basement waterproofing. But we don’t blame you. A wet basement can be a complex problem that many homeowners haven’t dealt with before. That’s where we come in.

The truth about basement waterproofing is that there are more long-lasting and effective waterproofing products put on the market all the time, and you probably can afford them. When you work with Innovative Basement Authority on waterproofing your basement, you get those products as well as a consultation by a basement waterproofing specialist with years of experience and training informing the free estimate and waterproofing plan that are offered to you. The only way to find out for sure? Call us!

3. You Don’t Think It’s Worth It

Are you a homeowner who lives in an area that experiences flooding year after year? If you are, a basement waterproofing project may not seem worth the effort. You may be thinking that no matter what you do, sooner or later the water is going to rise too high for any system you install to be effective.

But what if we told you that we have the answer? Innovative Basement Authority has products, such as our SafeDri Triple sump pumps, that quickly pump out water and have a back-up battery and will warn you if the water gets too high. Couple that with a perimeter drainage system — not to mention our other waterproofing products — and your basement will be covered.

Can you relate to any of these reasons why people delay their basement waterproofing projects? Call us! At Innovative Basement Authority, we’re confident that these attitudes are easy to overcome when you work with an experienced basement waterproofing contractor that truly cares about helping homeowners solve their basement problems. Call us today to schedule a free estimate!

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